Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Is In The Air....Finally

I don't know about where you are, but it has been a long, cold winter here. Okay, so not as cold as it was in the Northeast, but still cold for Texas. Now that the days are getting longer, sunnier, and warmer, I am overjoyed.

Fall is my favorite season but spring is my second favorite. I hate winter. I'm just not a cold person. So here's my top five reasons I love spring!

5. Flowers are in bloom!
I miss the bright pops of color during the winter. Christmas lights are pretty when they sparkle in the window, but they don't match the beauty of flowers.

4. Grill is on.
My husband is a grill master. Everything he puts on our Weber comes out amazing. Portabella  mushrooms, steaks basted in garlic butter, hamburgers, and even zucchini I love it all.

3. The sun.
What is that big ball of fire in the sky? Oh, yeah, it's the sun! God how I miss that celestial body during the winter. I mean, it's up there. It never goes away. I know that. But it's just not as warm or welcoming during the winter months.

2. Sun dresses.
With the warmer weather comes the fun, flirty clothes. Strappy dresses and shorts replace sweaters and bulky coats. Sandals take the place of boots. And, though I do love a sexy pair of boots, my feet sigh with relief in a pair of goddess sandals. And, of course, legs come out to play as shorts and skirts replace the heavy pants of the colder months.

1. The world reawakens.
This is may favorite part of spring! The whole world seems to recharge and reawaken. It helps to motivate me and get me back on task. I sometimes lose steam over the bleak harsh months of cold. Rushing here or there so I don't spend a second longer out in the elements than I have to is replaced by long, leisurely walks in the sun.

I know a lot of people love winter. I do understand, intellectually, the appeal of the season. But I'm always relieved when it passes. So tell me, what is your favorite part of spring?

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