Saturday, December 6, 2014

Let the Holiday Parties Begin!

Here we are. The first weekend in Saturday, so you know what that means. The start of the holiday party season. If you're like me, you're already booked from now until New Year's.

On this day I am gathering with my fellow chapter members of the Greater Seattle RWA for some food and festivities. We celebrate the accomplishments we made during the year with roses going to those who have sold or released a book, reward those who have met the most goals, and announce who will head the next year's board.

The main event is the white elephant gift exchange. For us, it's all about the wrapping. You won't know what's inside until all of the exchanges and steals have been made, and that's what makes it interesting. I love seeing how creative everyone is with their wrapping. The gift may be wrapped extravagantly with lots of ribbons, or as simple as a gift card tucked into an old Harlequin. Then there's Christa McHugh who one year presented Bondage Barbie. Yes, it was as spectacular as it sounds.

As for me, I've wrapped gifts in gingerbread (yes, I made a huge box out of gingerbread) and rice crispy treats. A few years ago I began the men series. First was the collage of superheroes, then last year were men wearing only Santa hats. Word of warning- make sure the room is free of children before googling "naked Christmas men." I know that should be obvious, but really, it's as racy as you think.

This year I'm continuing the theme of handsome men, and you all get to be the first to see my handiwork. Ta-da!

Oh yes, All six sides are covered in lovely photos of men in kilts. I wish this wrapping paper really existed. I know the men in my family would be ecstatic to receive a gift from me wrapped in all of this gorgeousness. :)

So where ever your holiday plans take you, be happy, be merry, and think sexy thoughts.

Till next time!

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