Thursday, December 4, 2014

Two Minutes with Anna Alexander

I started a talk show! Yes. Techno-challenged me started a talk show. Why? Well, why not? I met lots of great people all of the time, and I have been known to hold conversations that last hours. Good conversations too and not the "Oh God is she done talking" kind. So I figured I'd share a snippet of the great times I have when I meet fantastic people.

So here is my show. Welcome to Two Minutes with Anna Alexander! For two minutes (more or less) I'll be chatting with fellow authors, industry professionals, some of my Decadent Diva sisters, and an actor or two about whatever it is I think of at the moment. The goal is to be spontaneous and fun. And yes, I've been having lots of fun. :) So check me out on YouTube or on my Facebook page for my weekly postings. And here is a sampling of a few of my interviews. Enjoy!
Author Marcella Burnard
Ellora's Caveman DeAngelo Demonio
Phil Burke from AMC's Hell on Wheels
Brian Mitchel from Amazon Kindle Worlds Decadent Diva sister Jennifer Kacey

Till next time!

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