Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry and Happy end of 2014! Let's go out with a bash!! And Matzoh Ball Soup!

The 29th....of December? Really?!?!
How in the world is it already the end of another year?!? That's crazy!!!
Well to comfort each of us into the coming year I'm going to share another recipe! Great for the holidays and makes lots to be able to share with friends and neighbors!

Without further adieu I give you...Matzoh Ball Soup!
Oh....nope....pause! I make mine hearty with added stuff. Kind of like chicken noodle soup but with matzoh balls instead of the chicken.
And when I first tried this (which was totally on my bucket list - why? No damn idea!! :) ) it was described to me as a bread meatball by one of my best friends. That is very very accurate! Kind of like a dumpling ball for all you southern peeps.

OK, take 2!
Matzoh Ball Soup.

Here's most of the stuff but I forgot to put the vegetable oil in the picture. Oops!!
 Here's the recipe but WAIT!!! I change this one extensively. The "soup mix" in here tastes a little funky so I use it to cook the matzoh balls half way through and then change to my real soup stock. But the how to make the matzoh balls is correct!
 Here's the egg with the oil.
 Here's the matzoh ball mix added.
 This is what it looks like all mixed up! Now you put it in the fridge to cool and harden just a tad.
 While that's cooling I make 2 different soups. The first one is the mix that comes in the box. Add the mix to water, stir until dissolved and boil. Easy!
 The second one is my soup base that will actually be eaten. I use two huge containers of chicken stock and boil. And open the box of pasta and get it ready.
 Get the matzoh ball mix out of the fridge and make balls out of them. I use the baller because it makes them all uniform and they cook at the same rate. After this I actually roll them in my hand to get them all packed together and then I'll chill them for a few more minutes to get them to hold their shape while cooking. And remember they're going to expand so you don't want the initial balls too big. *snicker*
 When the soup mix stock is boiling put the matzoh balls in. And add the Campanelli pasta in the real stock pot to cook. Set the timer for 10 minutes.
 Turn the matzoh balls every couple minutes so they cook evenly.
 Wow those balls got big!!! And yes the one on the right leans a little to the left. #dontjudge
 When the timer goes off I pull all of the matzoh balls out and put them on a plate. They aren't done cooking yet so don't eat them! I also take too big scoops of noodles out at this point and save them for another dish. You can just cook half a box but I like leftovers for other meals! Then I pour half of the soup mix stock in with my stock and add the two big cans of veggies and the chick peas. Heat liquid again.
 Then I add the matzoh balls into the top of the soup stock. They will float but I always still count them. I always seem to have hiders!! Cook for 8 minutes. At the end of 8 minutes you want to pull them out again. I don't leave them in the liquid. They'll turn to mush!!!
 Add the desired # of balls *doublesnicker* to each bowl and pour soup over top. Add pepper to taste if desired!
 ENJOY!!!! It's a wonderful meal that soothes the soul and hungry bellies. Hope you enjoy the recipe!!!

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