Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shifting magic, fated mates

Recently I had the rights to my paranormal romance series Shifting Magic returned to me. The series was my début work and originally published through Ellora's Cave. While I am grateful to them for the opportunity to publish my work, the books were originally intended to be a steamy romance series rather than 'erotic' so as time passed they were never a comfortable fit within the erotic romance market. This series is important to me both because they were my first works and because they represent a genre that I love. 

Paranormal Romance. 

Due in a large part to the well publicised problems of the last couple of years with my former publisher I had to put the Shifting Magic series aside. Happily that is no longer the case. My intention is to revise the series and re-publish the first three books before continuing forward with the long delayed fourth book. Below I am thrilled to share the beautiful new covers by Ally Karam for the first three books as well as the blurb and cover for book four, Familiar Magic. I know a few of you have been very patiently waiting for this book and I want to thank you for your patience and the occasional messages and emails asking for updates. They kept the book alive for me. Watch this space and my facebook and twitter for announcements of release dates when I have them. 
Cait Miller

Believe In the Magic
Book One Shifting Magic

Megan Cartwright thought she had her life figured out. Her job as a waitress paid the rent and left her the free time to do as she pleased. Sure, now and again she might wish for a little excitement to liven things up. But finding a wild animal in her apartment was not what she had in mind…

Jack Douglass has entered his mating cycle and he can no longer ignore his body's demands. He needs a mate and he's come to Scotland to claim her.

It should have been simple.

Now with their bond established and a killer targeting them, Jack has to keep both of them alive long enough to convince Megan that she is his. Time is running out and soon Jack could be lost forever.

Finding The Magic
Shifting Magic Book Two

All her life artist Jayne Davis had believed in magic, but sometimes just believing isn’t enough. When first her mother and then her father died Jayne retreated from life taking the first job she was offered and leaving her dreams behind. Nowadays the only place she looks for the impossible is in the books she reads. But all that is about to change when she finds a man who might be more than he seems.

Cameron Murray believes in magic too. He believes it ruins lives and he believes it has brought danger to Jayne’s doorstep. Women who carry the mark of a true mate are disappearing and she could be next. Cam has no choice but to protect her. To make sure magic isn’t the end of them both… and to guard his heart from the one woman who could take it from him.

Trusting The Magic

Shifting Magic Book Three
Shapeshifter Nick Douglass flew to Scotland to help a friend but very quickly found that he was the one in need of rescue. Abducted from the road he found himself in the hands of a man who would stop at nothing to gain the secrets of Nick’s people. Imprisoned and tortured, Nick has lost hope and soon he’ll lose his humanity. His only chance of escape lies in the hands of one of his captors.
All her life Abby has done as she is told, even when she hates it. Until Nick. Drawn to him in a way she can’t explain she knows she has to act. As the magic between them draws them closer Nick won’t risk revealing everything he has struggled to protect. Shy and quiet Abby has secrets of her own, secrets that could break their fragile bond. She must gain his trust before it’s too late for both of them.

Familiar Magic
Shifting Magic Book Four 

All her life Aurora Templeton wanted to be a member of a Council of Witchcraft coven and to do that she needed a familiar, an animal companion to bind to her. But the cat that she had in mind was a whole lot smaller and… fluffier than what she got.  Now she has a choice, betray a trust and follow her ambition or follow her heart and hold on to familiar magic.

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