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Deadpool- Yes, Virginia, there are R-rated Comics

I was 14 when I dug through my father's box of comic books and found one titled The Trouble with Girls. It was about a James Bond-type action hero named Lester Girls, who longed for a quiet life at a dead-end job, a plain wife, and minimum adventure. But alas, Lester was fending off terrorists, living in several mansions, and had a curvaceous woman wanting to bed him at every turn.

Yep, there were sexy times a plenty for Lester Girls.

Now as you can imagine, my young eyes widened as I discovered sex in a comic book. Not just sexual tension or innuendo, but actual sex. Violence in a comic book I was used to, sadly enough, but sex was a new thing for me. And thus, my mind was blown.

The Trouble with Girls was not the first comic with adult situations, and in my opinion, not even the raciest. The Punishier is extremely violent, as is others such as Spawn, Blade, and yes- Deadpool. So when I heard Deadpool was not only going to be made into a movie, but more than likely carry an R rating, I wasn't surprised. At least not in that regard.

Just because something is animated or drawn does not mean it is for children. Comics and animation are an art form. Subject matter can vary. So why people thought just because Deadpool dresses as a superhero and originated as a comic automatically meant it was suitable for children is beyond me. And even more incredulous, demand for a version to be made for younger viewers. No. That is not how it works. That is not how any of it works.

Fortunately, the movie makers kept the character true to form. Not only is there sexual situations and swearing, it is just as violent as readers expected. Graphically so. The way the violence was portrayed was at times incredibly artistic, but none the less carnage, bled on the screen.

And it was humorous violence, too. Be-headings via motorcycle chains, be-headings with samurai swords, chopping one's own limbs off, and multiple shots to the groin are just the tippy top of the iceberg. But after a while, I became desensitized to the gruesomeness. As an adult I recognized what was happening to my brain. But can a child? I don't think so. I've heard people say, "My child is smart enough to know that it's only a movie and not real. they can handle it." Really? There is a reason the Darwin award exists. Just as there is a reason the human race has such difficulty with empathy. I think there are probably some adults who shouldn't see this movie. If you can't have a frank discussion about sex with your child, you should not be taking them to see this move.

Speaking of sex...

What made me laugh the most about the entire Deadpool- R rated controversy was the mention of the explicit sex scene. Uh... there really wasn't one. Shows on the CW have more explicit sex scenes than the one in Deadpool. Oh, the length of the scene was longer than one in your average episode of Scandal, but by the way people were talking, I was expecting something straight out of Cinemax. Nope. Not even close. It was just two people, who were really in to each other, getting freaky. NO! Say it ain't so! Seriously people, of all the things to get worked up over about this movie, the nudity is the least of it.

If you are wondering if I enjoyed the movie, the answer is yes. I liked it a lot! Story was great. Excellent pacing. Fight scene choreography was awesome. It was funny, had heart, and a satisfying ending. Everything you want in a movie. I highly recommend it.

Now I'm off to stress about the next superhero movie to be released, Batman v Superman. Ugh, my stomach is in knots already. Please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck.

Until next time, y'all.

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