Monday, March 28, 2016

Too Many Giveaways from Sabrina York!

Author’s Sanity Questioned Over Incessant Tiara Giveaways

Author Sabrina York has come under fire lately with accusations of having “lost her mind” during a recent visit to her tiara procurer. Apparently, the admitted bling-o-holic went on a wild spending spree that made Mr. York roll his eyes and go Google Tiara Storage Facilities.

“I know it’s a problem,” York said. “But I just cannot resist buying more  tiaras. They’re all so pretty.”

Yes. Yes they are, but it’s not pretty when tiara collecting becomes hoarding. With the tiaras multiplying like tribbles in her closets, York admits to having a challenge managing the collection. Beyond that, she has to wear sunglasses at all times because when the rare Seattle sun shafts through the window, the glare can be blinding.

Rumors are running rife that York is under court order to clear out the massive piles of bling, on account of the fact that such reflections have been linked to global warming.

“Hey, I’m doing the best I can,” she tells confidants. “I have tons of giveaways going. Is it my fault if people don’t tell their friends?” People who are interested in helping York comply with her Tiara Reduction Program are encouraged to visit enter her giveaways and tell their friends.

Sources say York’s newsletter is a good way to join the fight against her heinous tiara hoarding, because the author has pledged to hold giveaways exclusively for subscribers at random intervals. Subscribers also receive first looks on new books and covers,  contest and event alerts, and excerpts for coming books.

Read on for evidence of her tiara-mania.   

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