Friday, March 18, 2016

Who are your muses?

I'm writing something a little different for me right now.  Its not necessarily a romance or erotic but an Urban Fantasy, a story more focused on the heroine with her love triangle (or in this case her love mess) being a large part of the story but not necessarily the main focus of the entire story.  I'm hoping that my heroine, Kendall, is interesting both because of the men in her life and also on her own.  If that makes sense.  I see this as a series and let's face it, I'm a romance novelist, so she will get her Happily Ever After. Eventually.

Lately, I'm finding I have to work off of a story board. Pictures and examples of things where in the past I just wrote and saw whatever was happening in my head. I'm much more invested in having things look exactly right.

This includes my muses.  In this case, I have pictured the men in her life exactly as I want to see them and, for a change, they are absolutely actors from television shows I'm watching. They are not those characters, or the actors themselves, but their physicality is the outside description, at least as I see them, of the actor.

Want a sneak peak of one?

Say hi to Bailey Chase. You may know him from Longmire or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Most recently, I saw him on Lucifer.

To me, he is the perfect physical description of Levi, one of the men in Kendall's life.

So let me ask you--if you're a writer or a reader--who are your muses? Who do you see when you see the story?

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