Friday, March 11, 2016

F* You, Sugar. F* You!

Genius that I am decided the week of Valentine’s Day to start eating clean and cut sugar out of my diet. I know! Valentine’s Day! But so far it’s been going okay. I found a program that I like and have been able to stick to it.
Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to live a healthier lifestyle, and for the most part I do okay. But I am a stress eater. I do recognize what I’m doing when I reach for that third handful of gummy bears and stop myself before I grab a fourth.  But the fact that I reach for them at all was starting to become more frequent. So it was time to take a more active stand on my diet.
I know there are many of you out there, hundreds, thousands, who are doing or contemplating watching what they eat. For those who are struggling, keep on trucking. You can do it. I know you can! For personal reasons, I will not say what specific plan I use, but basically it’s clean eating. Organic, nothing processed, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. You know, the way people ate before food came pre-packaged in a box.
My goal isn’t to lose weight, although we all know that is a nice bonus, but to be healthy. Avoid cancer-causing agents, remove those free radicals. If I’m going to keep telling people I’m 24, I’m going to have to do everything I can to maintain the illusion.
As we approach that time of year when Cadbury Eggs and Starburst Jelly Beans are within arm’s reach, know that I am there with you feeling your pain. I am there with you when you say no to the ginger whiskey on Wednesday because you are saving your free day for the weekend. I am there with you in spirit as I know you are with me.
Crunch on with your crudité, my friends. Crunch on and stay strong!
Until next time-
Anna- The Super Diva

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