Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bring On The Hotties! Anna's TV Favs

It's September already. What the hell! I love summer and already I miss the sunshine, but I must look on the bright side. With the changing of the leaves, and kids going back to school, September means the beginning of the fall television season. Yay!!

I was a TV junkie as a little kid, and my love of the boobtube continues to this day. I do try to limit my viewing time because if I have time to watch TV, I have time to write. Right? But I do have my shows that I will not miss, and it appears as if there are a few on the horizon I will have to catch. So what am I most looking forward to?

On Sunday it's Once Upon a Time. I can sum up my love for this show in one word- HOOK! Oh, Killian Jones. What can I say? Those eyes. That smile. The coat! All of the captain's actions are born from love, and he'll fight to the death to protect those he cares for. swoon.

Monday brings The Originals. Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson. Yum. When he breathes in through his nose, you know some serious shit is about to happen. The man can rip out the heart of his enemy without
getting a drop of blood on his immaculately tailored suit. And with Elijah, it's all about the suit. And the jawline.

Tuesday is Agents of Shield. Did you watch last season? Ward? Whoa. Whoa!

On Thursday I'm off to Mystic Falls and my boys on the Vampire Diaries. Where do I begin? Damon and his snarky smolder? Stefan and his smile, and when Stefan is bad he's even better! Then we add the deliciousness that is Alaric and Enzo and Jeremy and Matt and Tyler. Can you see why this show is my favorite? Actually, what I wish for is a show of just Damon, Stefan, Alaric and Enzo on a cross-country journey, engaging in orgies from coast to coast. Maybe that's a book I need to write?

Then we have new shows like Gotham and The Flash, and shows I've lost track of that I want to restart, like Arrow. Steven Amell knows his show, and that is a very attractive quality.

So what shows are you all waiting for?

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