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Laila's Lies - Members Only Book 7 OUT NOW!!!

Laila’s Lies is OUT and ready for consumption by all of you decadent readers out there!
So to whet your appetite here’s the AWESOME cover, blurb from the back of the book and an excerpt to share a tiny taste of how wickedly naughty the next installment in the Members Only series is!

Members Only, Book Seven (and no book six isn’t out yet – seriously epic fail that they’re publishing out of order but it couldn’t be helped unfortunately)

Laila Harris was a fake, a phony, a fraud.

Being sent to dig up proof The Library was actually a private BDSM club was her ticket to a promotion. Simple. Easy. But it wasn’t.

Not when she would have to betray the three men who captured her heart from the very first heated stare. Not when she would have to turn her back on the women who saw who she’d kept hidden from everyone. A submissive.

Choosing between her past and future will rock the foundation of everything she holds true. Until she understands the power she holds when she’s on her knees.

A Romantica® ménage erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Excerpt –

“So…friends, huh? Of the ‘with benefits’ variety?” He flashed another killer smile her way as he filled a drink for a customer a few seats down. He glanced up at her when she didn’t answer right away.
Seriously, he probably thought she was either stupid or drunk. She’d never wanted to be intoxicated more in her life. At least then she’d have a half-way decent answer for acting so ridiculous.
“No, just friends. Not of the horizontal variety.”She was clueless as to why she even answered his questions. It wasn’t any of his business.
He rolled it around in his head for a second or two and then dropped his head back, barking out a laugh which was probably heard two blocks away. She couldn’t help but smile with him.
“Can I get you another drink? That one’s looking a bit dry.” He gestured toward her bottle, which she had in a death grip.
The smart thing to do would have been to slightly tip the bottle away from her but did her last two functioning brain cells get together to make that simple action happen?
Hell no.
She peered into the opening at the top as if she were a damn pirate and needed to look through her magnifying glass to traverse the seven seas.
Life’s mysteries were not buried in the bottom of the bottle but apparently her ability to flirt—right along with her intelligence and pride—had definitely found a new home. She drained the contents, handing over the empty glass.
“A tiny bit of liquid courage never hurt anyone, right?” She wiped her mouth with one of the little square napkins her beer sat on earlier.
He tossed the glass in the recycle bin underneath the counter and rolled his eyes. “I’m a bartender. I plead the fifth on that one.” His mischievous grin said it all. “You want the same or some other kind, perhaps?If you want a shot, I’m sure I’ve got something to mix up for you.”
“A Shiner, I think. Darker the better.”
He stared at her, cocking his head to the side. “Didn’t have you pegged for a Shiner girl. Definitely intriguing.” He grabbed a beer from one of the refrigerated cases and popped the top off.
She reached for it but he pulled it out of her reach. “Nuhnuhnuh—not so fast.”
Her eyebrows rose and then she thought maybe he wanted the money up front.
She grabbed it out of her purse, scooting it across the bar along with a tip.
She waited for him to hand over the bottle but instead he ordered, “Let’s see some ID.”
“Huh? You’ve got to be joking. The other bartender didn’t ask to see it the first time.” She emphasized the word ask, hoping he’d get the hint that his tone bordered on rude.
“Even more reason I need to see it now.”
Did he not see the few strands of gray in her hair? Or the tiny wrinkles at the corners of her eyes? She drew her eyebrows into a V, knowing scowling for sure wasn’t going to help the wrinkles.
What game was he playing? She knew exactly how old she looked in the mirror and it was a hell of a lot older than twenty-one.
He held out his hand and waited. Humor lit his eyes but his face was a mask of dominant expectation.
“Yeah, yeah, don’t get your panties in a twist.” She yanked open her wallet, extricated her license and handed it over with a slight huff.
Douglas sat her untouched beer out of reach on the back counter and really focused on her little plastic card.
He studied it for a second then looked back up at her in surprise. “Hey, it’s your birthday? Shit. You should have a cake and balloons and all that. How old are you?” He put his head back down to figure it out but she snatched it out of his hand before he could finish putting all the candles needed on her imaginary birthday cake.
“Thirty-nine with twelve years of added experience, thank you very much.” She wasn’t exactly ashamed of her age. She tucked her ID back into her wallet.
“Huh, then that makes you…” He counted on his fingers, then ran his palm over his bald head. He finally stopped, stared right at her and leaned close—sending shards of pleasure straight to her pussy. “Perfect.”

And if you need a little bit more kinky stuff on your e-reader then I can help with that too. :)

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