Saturday, September 6, 2014

Guilty Pleasures- Superman and Wonder Woman

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. One of my many guilty pleasures is reading the new line of Superman and Wonder Woman comics from DC Comics. Why do I love it so? Well, first of all you have Superman (total hottie) and Wonder Woman (kick-ass princess) who make the ultimate couple. They are so ultimate that their union sends mankind into a panic. What will happen if they decide to take over the world? We'd all be doomed. Like that would ever happen, but hey, it brings conflict to the story.

Secondly I love the good, old fashioned, soap opera feel to the story. Now that they’re a couple, Clark feels it’s his job to protect Wonder Woman, which she allows. Not. The art is fantastic in the way draw Wonder Woman as she says, “Seriously, Clark, I got it. This is my job. I've been saving the world for years.” And then there was issue six in which they have to make a life or death decision. Just before they swing the sword towards their salvation, or destruction, Clark says to Diana, “I love you.” To which she replies, “Of course you do.” Loved it! I crushed even more when a few issues down the road, Superman inhales Doomsday venom and turns a little nasty. In his frustration he shouts, “and I told you I loved you months ago. Why haven't you said anything?” (Hands clap with glee)

But it’s not just S&WW that has all of this delicious angst. In the Forever Evil line, our heroes have bizarro-world type counterparts. These villains arrive on Earth in the forms of Ultraman, Superwoman and Owl Man. Yep. Owl Man. Ultraman and Superwoman are a couple, and does he ever hold the reins on this relationship. But wait, Superwoman is catching a little something on the side with Owl Man, and she's (gasp) pregnant! Not only that, she tells BOTH men that they're the father! Secret babies!! I could add a million more exclamation points I love this so!

Of course, not everyone is as in love with these story lines as I am. My brother has rolled his eyes many times, but I say bring it on! In fact I think it's time to go back to "my stories."

Until next time my friends!

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  1. Love it!!! Great blog :) Hugs Anna

  2. Thanks! Oh, in the most recent issue, Superman tells WW that it's his turn to save the world. She says, "Race you." Love it!