Thursday, September 18, 2014




It’s been a stressful month. Between the start of football season (only stressful because I have two boys who play and their schedules turn MY schedule on its ear every year), a cat who has decided the litter box is NOT where she wants to use the bathroom (either because she’s going senile or developing some kind of kidney problem), back to back business trips (both my day job and my author life), contracting with a new publisher, preparing for a November craft fair (if I waited until the last minute I’d really lose it), and trying to learn the art of self-publishing I’m getting a little tense.

It occurred to me this weekend that I should probably take a little time for myself before I snap. The usual relaxation techniques are not working.

I’m thinking a spa day might be in order. One that includes a massage and mani-pedi. Maybe even a haircut just for giggles.

Or perhaps I should take a kick boxing class. Work that stress out.

Sad to say the thought of hiring someone to come in and clean my house, top to bottom, holds a great deal of appeal right now. And it’d alleviate some of my stress because then I wouldn’t have to do it! Of course, fifteen minutes after my boys came home, it’d be a mess again. *sigh* I still don’t understand how that’s possible.

Actually, what would be the absolute bomb would be if I could ship everyone off from my house so a fleet of cleaning fairies could come in and clean and sort everything, then I could spend an entire weekend – ALONE – to simply enjoy the peace and quiet and fresh Clorox smell. I might also need Bjorn, the hunky masseuse to come in for a bit and rub my feet while I indulged in brownies (that taste great but would never go to my hips or butt) and several novels from my TBR pile.

Ah… that’d be a weekend in heaven.

So what do you guys do to relax when everyday life gets to be too much?



Dena Garson loves to read romance—the hotter the better. When one of her BFFs said “one of us should be writing this stuff”, she took up the challenge. If she isn’t writing, she’s designing jewelry but somehow she still manages to make it into the office on a regular basis.

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Their unique bond grows as Danet races to find a remedy for the prince’s condition. Desire turns to love, which makes Danet fear for their future when he awakens. They seek out the villain attempting to take the throne and endeavor to find a way to stay together.


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  1. You're welcome! Glad to be invited to hang with you divas!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your stresses...if your kitty is getting older, make sure the height on the litter box isn't too much for her to climb into (if she has arthritis or something like the rest of us, lol)...and don't use a covered box (I always think of those Porta-potties that I hate!) And, of course, to escape my woes I hide with a book and escape into someone else's world where everything works out, lol.