Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Book Three

Immortal Embrace

In celebration of her release, Erin Simone will be giving away a $15 Amazon gift card and some very cool swag. All you need to do to win is respond to this blog post with questions for the Author about the series. Please leave your email address. She will be visiting the site and picking a winner on 
August 26, 2014. Good luck!!

About the Author:

"There is truly nothing better than a book that keeps you riveted to the point that you cannot put it down and you find yourself up late at night to read just one more chapter. Writing is my passion..."

Erin Simone lives with her family in California. She is the mother of four kids, three pets and is married to a wonderful guy named Ernie. Scary movies are a favorite and so is red when. Hanging with good friends and family are a must on her down time.


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Copyright © ERIN SIMONE, 2014
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“You make me ache. I want you inside me right now,” she panted, her hand reaching for his straining length.
Outside, he heard the sound of wind and rain pounding against the windows.
And reality was starting to set in. Was he really going to make love with a human?
Yes, he was.
Have to be careful. “We must take this slow. I can’t chance losing control with you,” he ground out, feeling on edge, his beast stirring. She wanted him inside her. He wanted that too. But he couldn’t let bloodlust take hold.
“We can.” She rubbed the head of his cock along her slick folds, causing him to groan. When their lips met, he became lost once again. He wanted this woman. It was a strange heady emotion that surprised him. If he was smart, he’d stop. But at the moment, he was powerless to halt what had already been set in motion.
She guided him to her entrance, pushing the tip inside. Nails digging into his back served to further fan the flames of his desire. He broke away from the kiss and lost his ability to breathe.
“Not yet…” he murmured.
Her cheeks were flushed with the color of passion. Beautiful lips, red and swollen from his kisses, parted to welcome him. He licked the pulse at the base of her neck and shuddered as he continued to stroke her with his shaft. She grabbed his buttocks to try to get him to enter her. But he wanted to savor this moment, not rush it. He hadn’t wanted a woman in a long time.
Her heart hammered loudly and the delicious rush of blood called to him. He kneaded her breasts in his palms as he plundered her mouth. Fire spread through him. Yes, he wanted to be inside her too so he could feel her silky core surrounding him, slick with need.
She moaned as he finally gave in to her pleas, and entered her slowly, his cock pulsing from the heat that enveloped him. Perspiration covered his skin as her vaginal walls gripped him hard. The exquisite pleasure made his hips jerk. With one powerful thrust that took his breath away, he filled her completely.
A wanton cry escaped her lips and she clung to his shoulders as he started to move. She arched her breasts, smashing them against his chest. Soon she was moaning, hips swirling to meet every thrust.
It didn’t take long before her walls squeezed his cock as she orgasmed around him.
“Yesss…” He clenched his jaws as his balls drew up tight, ready to explode, bloodlust simmering just below the surface. His fangs piercing his lower lips as pleasure shot up his spine.
Serena’s nails drove into his ass, urging him to fuck her harder. She bucked her hips and cried out again in the throes of a second orgasm, her release causing his cock to erupt. His back bowed and he came with a roar, filling her with his seed. Strong possessive needs took over and he had to fight the painful urge not to sink his fangs into the side of her throat. His mouth watered at the mere thought of it.
“No!” he gasped, immediately pulling out of her silky warmth and scrambling back as his mind and body screamed to claim what his instincts believed was rightfully his. Semen continued to spill from his cock and the loss of contact only heightened the aggression building inside him.
Serena sat up. “Ta’breyian?”
“Do not come near me right now,” he warned, his tone guttural.
“What’s wrong?” She tried to touch him.
“Did you not hear me?” He flashed his fangs, not wanting her to come any closer for fear he wouldn’t be able to stop from giving in to bloodlust.

She recoiled. Hurt clearly present in her eyes as she scooted back and pulled the sheet up to cover her body. He climbed off the bed and took shallow breaths to calm himself. He was panting, sweating. Her arousal hung in the air like a thick cloud. He tasted it on his tongue and groaned in frustration.