Saturday, August 2, 2014

How I write

I get asked all the time how I produce so much writing. Some even going so far as to call me a machine. I can assure you, I'm not.  But I do keep myself on a constant schedule as long as life permits it. 

Truthfully, since we just recently moved houses I've been completely off kilter but right now I'm going to write about what happens on what I think of as average days.

I saw an interview once with Jerry Seinfeld. He talked about how his career changed when he made comedy his job, treated it like a person handles a career and not as a hobby he was trying on the side.  That was when his career took off.

The day I decided I wanted writing to be what I did for a living, I threw myself into it.  Of course other things--family, friends, house--can get in the way but writing has to be something I do all the time.  If I could, I would write from 8 AM til 5 PM breaking for meals.  I don't always get that but I do get to write every day for part of the day.

Other things have to be fitted into this, too. Promoting, editing, and organization play their role.  But they don't count for actual writing time. 

I keep a list I call my WRITNG list. Its a working list that I can alter if need be but I try not.  As soon as I finish a Work In Progress I look at the list to see what I'll be doing next. That's how I keep myself going.

I think that list plus writing every day is why I have been able to produce a large number of stories.

Hope you're all well.


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