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Anna Has a New Release! The Cowboy Way

Welcome to the Sprawling A Ranch and the first book of a new series. No, I haven't left the big city and my superheroes behind forever. I'm just taking a little side trip. Actually, the Sprawling A was in my imagination long before the Llanos warriors landed on Earth, but the Kilsgaard clan sold first, so the cowboys had to wait until it was their turn. Now here they are!

If you're a fan of my Heroes of Saturn series, I think you'll enjoy my cowboys as well. They share the same small, tight-knit community feeling, have a cast of characters, laughter and hot sex. But don't worry, Mom. No bondage scenes. Yet. :)
Again, welcome and enjoy.

The Cowboy Way
Book 1 of the Men of the Sprawling A Ranch Series
An on the job accident leaves ranch owner Trey Armstrong with a dislocated shoulder and no recollection of the last few years of his life, including his marriage to the lovely Greta. His mind might not remember her but his body sure does, and despite his lack of memory, Trey finds himself eager to return to the homestead. With his ranch a success and a beautiful, understanding wife by his side, Trey comes to think he's been living the charmed life.
But not all is as it seems. Behind shy smiles and scorching kisses, Greta is hiding secrets that could destroy their rediscovered relationship. When the illusion of his perfect marriage begins to crumble, Trey realizes he can't live in oblivion forever and will have to remember his past in order to salvage his future.

     The bathroom door was open a hair, which Trey took as an invitation to enter. On silent feet, he crept into the steamy oasis and stopped dead in his tracks.
     Greta was reclining in the tub. Hair up, eyes closed, she was the poster girl for relaxation. With the clear water, he had an unimpeded view of her curvy body. One leg was bent with her knee guarding her womanly secrets. Cinnamon-colored nipples barely broke through the water’s surface and glistened with temptation. Man, he couldn’t wait to taste them.
     He should have taken her that morning. To deny himself something he wanted so badly that his teeth and balls ached had been the most boneheaded promise he ever made, especially when she was his for the taking. But no, he had to be an honorable bastard.
     And now the possibilities flipping through his head as quickly as a teenager with a remote control were not in the least bit honorable.
     “No bubbles?” he asked. Desire made his voice raspy.
     She jerked in surprise, causing a little splash before she slowly rolled her head in his direction. She lifted her lashes. “That was quite the ninja move there. I didn’t even hear your boots on the tile.”
     “No bubbles?” he repeated, lost to all but her.
     She caught her plump lower lip between her teeth, stifling her grin. “Earlier, I was getting the impression that you might be planning on kissing me all over.”
     Despite her bold words, he saw her slight tremble and the uncertainty in her gaze. She was bracing herself as if she expected him to reject her. No way in hell was that going to happen.
     “That would be correct,” he said.
     Her tongue flicked out and wet her lips. His words must have pleased her, for she glowed with an inner light that tempted and beckoned. “If that was true, then I wanted you to taste my skin, and not bath soap.”
     Geez-us. He had his boots off in seconds, followed by his belt that hit the floor with a clang. 
     “Stand up,” he commanded.

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