Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Books, Cowboys and Margaritas- Anna Visits San Antonio

On July 22nd, me and 2000 of my fellow writers descended on San Antonio, Texas for the Romance Writers of America National Conference. The focus of the conference is how to succeed in the romance novel writing industry, but of course us authors like to mix a whole lot of fun with our business. My favorite part of conference is reconnecting with writers I only see once or twice a year. Conversation and cocktails flow like water, and you pretty much resign yourself to little or no sleep for the week. I made some new friends, attended fantastic workshops and had a great time. Here are some of the highlights of my trip.

Anna Alexander and Alyssa Alexander
Alyss and I at the book fair.
The book fair featured 500 authors. Lynda Aicher was my book fair neighbor again, and we were joined by one of my “cousins,” Alyssa Alexander.  She’s so sweet.

Amazon hosted a party and featured a photo op with some local fellows. Cowboy Wes and I bonded over a love of comic books. He’s a Green Lantern fan.
Best Novella!
Anna Alexander and sexy cowboy
Cameron was so cute. And so young!
Across the street was the Passionate Ink party where I was a double finalist in the Passionate Plume awards. Hero Unmasked won third place in the paranormal category and A Night at The Cavern WON FIRST PLACE for best novella. Cowboy Cameron was there to give me a hug after I received my plume necklace. That’s me behind his flexing biceps. Yes, Thursday was the night for man-candy. :)

I got to cheer when my friend and roomie, Danielle Monsch, picked up her certificate for being a finalist in the Daphne’s for Stone Guardian. And yes, she promised the next Entwined Realms book will be out this fall.

Heather likes to hide.
I enjoyed many restaurants along the Riverwalk, including the British pub where karaoke blared unexpectedly, and Saltgrass, home of the Man-gria. That drink was huge! Seriously, everything is bigger in Texas. Shelli Stevens introduced me to the Menger Hotel’s haunted bar, and Jenna Bayley-Burke and I tried to teach Heather Greye how to take a selfie in front of the Alamo. We’re still working on that.

Jennie Lin hosted a gathering and shared her spectacular view. Deanna Chase, Roxie Rivera, Minx Malone, Angie Fox and Viv Arend shared some kick-ass indie publishing knowledge with me, and I discovered Violet Vaughn has a very deviant mind, as well as cute shoes. I also got to chat with Alyssa Day at the chapter leadership luncheon. Don’t be surprised if you see me run for RWA national office in a few years.
Thanks for sharing the view Jennie!
Dani and I with the lovely Karen Rose

At the RITA/Golden Heart awards I cheered on my fellow chapter members Asa Maria Bradley and Anthea Lawson for their nominations, and finished compiling photo for my mini-movie, Peep-Toes and Cocktails. You know how I love shoes.

Yep, the clock says 3am and
 my taxi arrives in 30 minutes. No
sleep for Anna.
There was so much more, but this post is getting long as it is. Find me sometime and I’ll fill you in on the rest. Hopefully at the next conference, you’ll be there having fun with me.

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