Friday, August 15, 2014

Farewell Summer?

I don't want to accept it, it's like if I don't say it it won't be true. It's only AUGUST! But this week when my alarm woke me at it's usual ungodly hour for work it was still dark! It was also cold dammit! I had to put the heating on. Could this be the start of this year's farewell to summer? It's hard to accept as I sit here in my sunny window but I know it's probably true. As I look back, it's been a good summer. Hotter than is usual for our little corner of the world and though I've yet to have my 'summer' holiday I've still fit a lot in.

I don't know if I can count my New Orleans trip officially since it was in May but to me that was the start of it for me. The lazy strolls around the French Quarter, the crazy ghost tour and swamp trip with the RT ladies and the laughter and drinks we shared.

There was a girls weekend for my mum and I to London, travelling first class on the railway and drinking strawberry cider. In our two day trip we squeezed in a visit to Kensington Palace and saw Jersey Boys and Miss Saigon on stage. The return of Miss Saigon was a special one for me since it was the first stage show I ever saw.

We did what has become our annual trip to The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The car journey there was traumatic for me as I fought with my dad and had a panic induced meltdown in the car when faced with the horrific Edinburgh city centre roads but the Tattoo was awesome. It never fails to fill me with national pride.

Finally, there was Cait and Amber's Big Adventure. A first trip to London for 9 year old Amber, my cousin;s daughter. We hit the big sights and the museums and saw Wicked. The memory of the trip for me though was the 100 year World War 1 memorial at The Tower of London. A stunning display of ceramic poppies which said so much about sacrifice without the needless use of words.

So I start my farewell to summer of 2014 with some great memories and know that there is more to look forward to this year. In fact in October my dance card is fully booked with Romanticon, Lady Gaga, Jersey Boys (my mum loved it) and Billy Connolly live. I think the end of the year might well fly by as quick as the beginning. What are your big memories of the summer? Do you have more to look forward to?
I hope to see you at Romanticon in Ohio,


  1. Have always wanted to see the Tattoo!!! If I ever get to travel over there I want to time it with that! Great post!

  2. Ccan't wait to see you in October Cait. I wish I had your summer. I may need to have you bring me Rolo Eggs, and Schweppes Lemonade, and those blueberry shortbread cookies. Oh and some whiskey too. :)