Thursday, May 22, 2014

Introducing Diva Anna Alexander

The Decadent Divas are thrilled to announce the newest Diva to join our group, Seattle Author Anna Alexander!

For those of you who already know Anna, you know she has a love of all things superhero - from the amazing Superman to the erotic, mysterious Cat Woman - she loves them all! 

You can see her love of superheroes clearly reflected in her work, so to learn a bit more about both, I asked her a few questions.

Q: What is the Heat level of your books from one to YOWZA? 
A: Depends on who you ask. For me, I think I’m in the seven range of hotness. My mother however claims I owe her a new e-reader because my books are so hot, they’ve melted the screen. (laughing)

Q: Why did you start writing? 
A: I wrote my first book at age 14. It was dark and sexy and way too advanced for someone my age, but I loved writing it. It was several years later when I decided to go back to that love and begin a writing career. The first thing I had to decide was if I was going to be a writer or a published author. Yes, there is a difference. Published author was my choice and three years later, my first book, Hero Revealed,  released from Ellora’s Cave. 

Q: What are you writing right now? Is it part of a series or a stand-alone? 
A: I’m known as the super hero girl. (see, there you have it!) Captain America, Gambit, Superman, I love them all! With a super hero story you still have the paranormal element with special powers and the fantastical, but you also have your character struggling to live a “normal” life as their secret identity. Its’ the best of both worlds. 

Soon I will be launching a new series that is completely different, but still the same. It’s a contemporary series set on a cattle ranch in central Washington. No, no super powers in these hunky cowboys, but you’ll have the same small town feel as with my Saturn series, with characters endeavoring to find not only what they want, but also what they need. And of course, uber hot sex. ;) I’m excited to share their stories with you.

Thanks Anna! That sounds...won-der-ful and we can't wait to read your new series! But don't despair readers...until then, Anna has her sexy Saturn series! Here's a blurb from Hero Rising, Anna's fifth book in the Heroes of the Saturn Series to wet your whistle... *wink*

Ari Rayner's fresh start in the city is put on hold when her car breaks down on a mountain pass. Her savior is a hooded angel with haunted eyes who gives new meaning to the words "smoldering intensity."

Drawn to his strength, she revels in helping him succumb to his illicit fantasies, Just because she's a woman, doesn't mean she's afraid to get down and dirty.

Bale made a deathbed promise to protect those who cannot protect themselves, a vow he's done a damn fine job of upholding. But the fire burring within Ari beckons him to play in the flames and the heat they generate brings the house down.

But such brilliant sheds light on past mistakes that Bale must now answer for. With this true nature revealed, Ari uses everything at her disposal - whips, straps and a firm hand - to convince Bale he is not a monster and is worthy of her love.

WOWZA without a doubt! 

Since Hero Rising is the fifth in the Heroes of the Saturn Series, that implies there are others before it, right? YEP. For more information on Anna's work, please visit Anna's Bookshelf

Just for fun, how about a few more questions...

Q: Cake or pie? 
A: Cake. And ice cream. Love them!

Q: Favorite vacation spot?
A: Anywhere I can relax and write.

Q: Hairy chest or smooth?
A: Smooth! As Olive Oil says, "I like a clean shaven man."

Q: Tattoo or piercing?
A: Both ;)

Q: Once Upon A Time or The End?
A: Once Upon A Time. Hook. Oooo. Hook.

Again, The Decadent Divas are thrilled to have this wonderful Author, who has a love of all things superhero, as an addition to our group!

To find out more about Anna's work, or join her ever-growing support network, so you are among the first to hear about new releases and other news, please refer to her contacts below.

Visit Anna's website
Twitter: @AnnaWriter

Thank you for visiting our blog and please, leave a comment giving a big Diva-licious welcome to Anna Alexander and what you think, given her love of superheroes, would be the perfect Diva name for her! ;)

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