Thursday, May 1, 2014

Love, Acceptance and Ice Cream...

Love - it sure can come in many ways, can't it?!?
That little warm tingle you get when watching a sappy movie. Or the sigh that slips out when you're out and about in the middle of Rockefeller Center in NYC and you see a man drop to one knee on the ice rink and propose to his girl on Christmas Eve.
And when you go to a friends house to see their new puppies and melt when the runt of the litter licks your nose and then nibbles on you.
When you hold your child for the first time, and every time after that.
Or when your spouse of fourteen years looks across a crowded room and you know all they you.
Love is amazing and makes the world a brighter, happier, more delightful place to be. I approve of love in all it's various forms and give them all a two thumbs up.

Acceptance - YOWZA! This one can be a mine field.
People can think they're giving it, but they really aren't when they deface someone behind their back. Gossip is human nature but that doesn't make it right. People can withhold it because they don't agree with whatever "it" is, but to me, that's not being a loving person. That's being selfish and judgmental.
But you know what? Being accepting and nice - IT"S FREE!!!!!!
It doesn't cost anyone even a penny to give it, and it can literally change someone's life. What an amazing gift to give someone.
I'm in the business of words. And not just what they are, but the order they're put in.
I wish more people would think before they speak and live by the eternal words of Thumper in the Disney movie Bambi. "If you can't say nothin' nice, then don't say nothin' at all."

Now as for ice's ice cream. It's wonderful and makes the world DELICIOUS and it's a tiny thing to indulge in that ALWAYS makes me smile. :) :) :)

What more could I ask of life?
Oh, uh...and kink. Yeah, I need that too. :) I LOVE THIS PICTURE BELOW! So freakin funny I had to share!

Decadently Yours,

Diva Jennifer

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  1. This group is going to rock it!! So excited to be a part of it!