Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mardi Gras Masks? Nah, just naked people!

I had the best idea!!
I'm writing this post trying to get ready to go to NOLA for RT! Woo Hoo!!

And I'm going to be on a float for one of the Mardi Gras parades. I'm not wearing a mask, cause they weird out my vision, but I love them. Think they're beautiful. So I was going to find some cool masks to show you guys. Then I found one that's body paint, and my searches totally went FUBAR.

It's so freakin cool.
It's like a dirty optical illusion!!!

So instead of sending you pics of masks, which would at least be somewhat appropriate, I'm going to share pics of other people naked. Somehow this does make sense to me, so just run with it.
And no I don't own any of these pictures. Just found them on the internet and thought they were neato!

Here's the pic that threw me off track...Cool!! Love the colors on hers!

This was the first style I saw, making me fall in love with body paint. It was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit addition years ago that I saw.

Loved this!!! Made me want to give my son squeezy hugs!

Wow... That's umm, biblical?
 This could have been taken in the 1970's or two weeks ago. You can't say that for many things. :)
 Hate that it has the watermark right in the middle of it but the colors were too pretty not to post.
 It's amazing what some people think of that I'd never come up with...

Umm...yeah, double sorry on that last but come ON!!! That was original if nothing else!!!

Decadently Yours,

Diva Jennifer

And if you need a bit of kink in your life, I've got you covered!!!

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