Friday, May 30, 2014

Guest Diva Nicole Dennis' Interview

Help me welcome guest Diva, Nicole Dennis, today!

Why did you start writing?
Hehehe…. I started when I was a little girl, creating stories for my Barbies or paper dolls. I created more throughout school, even started a small writing group in college to create a column for fiction in our newspaper. It took a couple of years after college and a kick-start from NaNoWriMo to get me going.
Now, thanks to all the crazy characters and ideas in my head, I can't stop.

What has been your biggest writing influence - book or another author?
The biggest influence has been reading Nora Roberts and Sherrilyn Kenyon. I love and adore their characters, the world-building, and the stories. I collect both of them and am eager for anything new from either one. From Nora, I learned how to create a family series, build a town around the series, and interweave them. From Sherrilyn, I adore the world-building and again how she weaves the various stories throughout all the series. Plus, their heroes are just yummy – umm.. Roarke!

What are you writing right now? Is it part of a series?
At the moment, I'm working on the Southern Charm series. It's a 7-book series of M/M contemporary erotica set in the Florida Panhandle. There are some cliffhangers, unanswered questions, and plot threads I leave open in the first few books, but everything will be answered and wrapped in the last books. I promise.
The current book is #4 in the series – When in Bloom – and is about a floral shop owner (Jude) and the doctor (Elliott) who treated Samuel in book #1. After dealing with some crap, Elliott makes a change in his life and career and arrives in Shore Breeze and the clinic. Handling some personal and health issues, Jude is the first to meet him during a storm and around town.

Do you write full time?
No, but I wish I could.


·       Last book you read?   Andrew Grey – Love Comes Home
·       Cake or pie?  Pie – My mom's pumpkin pie is the best!
·       Favorite vacation spot?   North Carolina's Outer Banks – quiet, soothing, soft sand and clear blue ocean.
·       Hairy chest or smooth?  A bit of a mix
·       Stand alone or series?  Series.
·       Novella or novel?   Either – I read all.
·       Real or pen name?    Pen name – my real last name is crazy to pronounce
·       Vanilla or ANY another flavor?  Mango sorbet!
·       Tattoo or piercing?  Tattoo
·       Once Upon A Time or The End?   Once Upon a Time (it can always lead to more yummy stuff)

Look for Nicole's newest Southern Charm book, By The Numbers.

By the Numbers - Southern Charm 2

M/M Contemporary Romance
Available: May 2014
Totally Bound

With permission to being construction and repairs on The Southern Charm, Sullivan 'Sully' Tarleton can't wait to start bringing the old hotel back to new life. He and his crew jump on the tear-down until he overhears his friends talking about picking up the accountant at the airport. Volunteering since he needs to head that way, he doesn't know the changes this accountant will bring to his life.

Suffering from severe OCD and additional issues after growing up with a hoarder parent, Chandler Braddock prefers to keep his surroundings neat, perfect, organized, and minimal. A reason he enjoys working with numbers. They always balance out, match up to others, and are able to be tracked. Often refusing to leave his New York office, he gives in when his best friend, Samuel, requests his presence in Florida.

But what will happen when he's met by a sexy, but very messy carpenter? And will he be able to give up his orderly life for such a man?

Want to know more? You can find it on:

About Nicole Dennis: 

You can find me on Facebook (I sneak in my lil netbook to my office). You can search and friend me and join my page. I'm on Goodreads. I also have a blog/website – but I'm not the best at keeping them up-to-date. (blushes) I'm trying. Honest!

I love hearing from readers and interacting. In October, I'll be at GRL as a Reader, but you can still 'attack' me for autographs and info.


  1. Hello Chandra!

    Thanks so much for having me on your gorgeous site... I love being a Diva for a Day.

    Hugs and purrs to everyone.

    Nicole Dennis

  2. So glad to have you over for a play date :)

  3. Hi Nicole! Great post. Loved Rules of the Chef. Looking forward to reading By The Numbers, and all the books from this series.


  4. Thanks Sharon!!

    Love writing this series myself. Gotta keep all the various lines intertwined and running perfect. Driving my editor n I a wee bit crazy.

    Hugs n purrs!