Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Erotic Horror Author Mark Henry Counts Down the Sexiest Movies Evah!

Please welcome Mark Henry, author of the hottest erotic novel scorching up the charts. #1 Bestselling Erotic Horror novella, Balustrade is not for the faint of heart, so get it now! Mark is wickedly funny and a phenomenal drinking buddy...if you ever get the chance. (But don't try to keep up.) Mark, thanks for visiting today!

Sabrina York

I’m so happy to be featured on Sabrina York’s blog today as we’re probably, right now, as you’re reading this, hanging out in New Orleans dunking our beignets in absinthe-laden sazeracs! Mmm. Bourbon and Sugar, those are my two favorite food groups.

But I digress.

I’m hear to talk about my love of the sensual, the erotic and in particular of the cinematic variety. My latest novella, BALUSTRADE, is a super hot paranormal erotica from the way way back. I was inspired by the noirish undertones of Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby (without the baby and more humping, obviously). So I thought I’d hit on some of my favorites and tell you why I’m so enamored.


5. EMANUELLE IN BANGKOK. Okay. Stop laughing. I’m fully aware that Emanuelle was some sleazy soft porn even back in the day, but it definitely had an impact. The locations were sticky and humid, the actress, Sylvia Kristl was beautiful, tender to a fault and the sex was…unusual. Especially when witnessed by a precocious 12-year old who snuck out of his bedroom in the middle of the night to catch a very quiet viewing on Skinimax.

4. BODY HEAT. We forget that William Hurt and Kathleen Turner used to be sexy as f*@k! When he throws the patio chair through her French door (not a euphymism) the viewer knows things are about to get steamy.  Their passion jumps from the screen.

3. THE HUNGER. Beware newbies, things are going to get weird from here on out. I first caught this sensual vampire flick (one of the best, top 5 I’d posit) in the eighties…with my mother. If you don’t think that was an uncomfortable experience, you’re a sicko. Watching Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon slither all over each other left my teen mouth slack-jawed.

2. QUID PRO QUO. Vera Farmiga in a full Milwaukee brace, polio irons and  crutches…but wait there’s more, underneath she’s corseted and silky, her skin powdered and shimmering. Jesus. I don’t think I can type any more. But wait, there’s more, this flick was about a VERY STRANGE FETISH. People who sexualized paralysis. Something so strange has no right to be so damn sexy.

AND The #1 PICK:

1. THE LAST SEDUCTION. Linda Fiorentino’s Bridget is a noir femme fatale that melts all others that came before her. Slaughters them. Her character is bitterly sexual in her satin white blouses and black pencil skirts. But it is her ravenous sexual appetite and disregard for her male partners’ pleasures that makes this movie the tops fo erotica for me. Plus…I just really dig hard-ass women.

Honorable Mention: SECRETARY (the cure for your Fifty Shades of Grey hangover, if there ever was one).

MARK HENRY’S latest book BALUSTRADE takes the reader on an erotic journey into a sinister, isolated marital retreat, where Hilary and Jack’s marriage degrades into strange sexual awakening. But is the clinic’s purpose even more malignant? Are Hilary and Jack’s minds and bodies being primed for more carnal purposes? Find out in the #1 Bestselling Erotic Horror novella, BALUSTRADE!

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  1. Excellent post! Looks like I've got a few movies to watch this weekend :)

  2. ...And a new book to read. Balustrade looks very interesting!

  3. You will love it. Mark is amazing!

  4. Mark, thank you so much for stopping by!!!! The book is amazing, y'alls!