Monday, May 12, 2014

Physical Attraction...

Hello lovelies, I have a question for you. What physically draws you to that special someone. For me it's quite simply...

The Eyes

I have to admit, the first thing that draws me to a man is his eyes.  Of course a nice body doesn't hurt either, but the eyes can show the depth of one's character.  Eyes say so much about a man, they can show feelings, and speak a thousand words without him saying anything to you.

I'm sure you've heard a lot about how the eyes are the windows to one's soul. Our eyes are probably the only facial feature that really shows the emotions and thoughts a person's having without them uttering a  single word.

The body language our eyes are capable of is also quite diverse. You know when someone's really mad at you, and you get the feeling they're literally staring daggers at you, the anger fusing out of their eye sockets like some laser beam. I'm sure we've all experienced that before, right?

The eyes are also probably the most powerful tool of flirtation. I usually can sense what kind of guy he is by looking into his eyes.....(arrogant, shy, sweet, kind, mean.) I like when a man is confident and not afraid to look me in the eye.  If he can hold my attention and look at me when I talk.. that is truly sexy. 

In writing character perception, using the eyes to describe what one is thinking is a powerful tool.  Here are some examples.

"His eyes were as dark and powerful as he was..."
"She noticed his eyes regard her with impassive coldness..."
"The mysterious male drank her in with one scorching glance..."
"He made love to her with his eyes..."

Now this guy has smoldering eyes. Sigh....
Well peeps I'm here at the Romantic Times 2014 Convention in New Orleans having a grand time. Hope you're all having a wonderful week.

Tell me your thoughts on this topic.  I'd love to hear from you....

Decadently Yours,

Diva Erin Simone

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