Monday, April 30, 2018

Steamy #Romance Reads & #Haven Excerpt

Origins by Celia Breslin book cover

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a fabulous April. Mine was, sadly, dominated by a wicked, tenacious chest cold. Three weeks, ack!


While I was laid up with the Virus From Hell, I managed to read a megaton of romance and also edit the third novel for my Tranquilli Bloodline vampire lovebirds, Carina and Alexander (Origins).

Here are a few of my favorite books from this month of coughing, sniffling, wheezing, and sneezing...

Destiny by Celia Breslin book cover
  • Lotus Petals (#1, Blood and Fire series), by Brantwijn Serrah
  • The Risk (#1, (Xtreme Heroes series), by Skye Jordan
  • Hades, Base Instincts, and Z (3 books in the Demonica series), by Larissa Ione


Here's a romantic moment from HAVEN featuring Carina, my feisty San Francisco club owner, and her love-interest, undead musician Alexander...

Haven by Celia Breslin book cover ... Outside, the misty air cooled my lungs, the marble bench froze my ass, and the concrete under my bare feet chilled them bone deep. All cleared my head and eased the vertigo. “What time is it?”

Alexander draped his black leather coat over my shoulders. “Around four.”

He helped me snake my arms into the coat’s too-long-for-me sleeves, his hands pale like moonlight against the inky darkness of his coat. Such large, competent hands, the fingers long and strong. Piano player fingers. A silver band graced his left index, an onyx triquetra adorning the middle. He fished my hand from the sleeve. When our palms touched, power pulsed, warm and comforting.

My eyes strayed to the bracelets on his wrist. One thin strap of black leather and a chunky, metal bracelet of I-shaped links. I traced the metal with my free hand. “Silver?”

“Never.” He pointed at the rings. “White gold.” And the bracelet. “Titanium.”

“Oh.” My fingers continued their dance over his accessories. Love touching him.

Wind gusted around the clinic, whipping locks of hair across my face. He brushed them away, tucking some behind my ear. I pressed my cheek against his palm and closed my eyes to savor the moment. “Feeling better?”

I blinked and gave him a wry grin. “A lot better since you interrupted my undead uncles getting me drunk on brandy.”

His lips quirked, fangs flashing.

My insides quivered. “Yeah, much better.” My fingertips stroked his handsome face.

His skin showed no signs of the wounds he’d received during the earlier fight. Impressive. He leaned into my touch. My eyes zeroed in on his oh-so kissable lips. He moved closer, closer still, pausing a hair’s breadth away. My pulse skyrocketed. My stomach performed endless somersaults while bits lower clenched in anticipation. Do it. Do it now.

Alexander let out a breath and kissed me. ...  

Want to read more? Here's another excerpt: Alexander and Carina's First Meet -->

Have a great week, Dear Readers, and see you back here on May 30th!


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