Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Anna Alexander does the Emerald City Comic Con

Howdy gals and pals!

I missed you all last month, but I was getting my super hero on at the Emerald City Comic Con. This year was a blast! Not only did I have my booth next door to the fabulous fellas at Stranger Comics

Heather Reasby was the mastermind
behind the panel.

 but I also was on a panel discussing translating super hero stories from comics into prose.

And I did some cosplay and totally rocked Gamorra. (Captain Awesome's words)

The allure of the mystery box was strong. Captain Awesome not resist.And on top of all of that, I had a new book come out!Genesis is the first of a new super hero series that I am so excited to share with you. A little urban fantasy, a little X-men, this group of crime fighters are a start of an evolution.Genesis- Book one of the Evolutioneers
People suck, at least according to reclusive inventor Max Madden—except for his friend and mentor, Anthony. But now Anthony is dead after uncovering evidence that an avaricious financier caused the current economic crisis and is out for world domination, a man Max knows has the money, resources, and charm to succeed—his own father. Now Max is out for vengeance and he doesn’t need a distraction like Crystal Evans tagging along.The provocative psychic may have soft lips, curves like a Ferrari, and a scent like vanilla sugar, but she also has a thirst for redemption that will never be quenched. Max can’t help but admire her tenacity, and when she leads him to others who also have superhuman powers, he agrees to lead this team of crime-fighting supers if they all agree that he will be the one to take his father down.

But fate and circumstance has a way of bitch-slapping a man to awareness, and emotional hungers Max once detested have become what he now craves. When Crystal becomes the key to Madden Sr.’s downfall, Max must choose: Can he send the woman he’s come to love on the mission, a mission during which she has seen her death in a vision, or have his revenge?

Happy Spring Everyone!

Until next time!

Anna- The Super Diva

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