Tuesday, April 3, 2018

When Your Muse Is On Vacation

I had big plans for my trip to Mexico - beyond the usual beach-chair lounging and tequila sampling. I was supposed to come up with a new idea for my Resort Romance series.

That didn't happen.

I know the title. The set-up. The location. I knew what hijinks my hero and heroine were going to get up to while they fell in love. I just needed the final piece to make the story fit together.

Sadly, I did not find it at the bottom of my margarita glass. And I checked repeatedly! (Because I'm no quitter.)

So, now I have a ton of pictures and research and no grand romance to tie them all together.

Maybe you all could suggest something.  What do these pictures inspire in you? How would your ideal couple fall in love in this setting?

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