Saturday, February 3, 2018

Valentine's Day Prep by @elle_rush

I like Valentine's Day. I like it now that I have someone to share it with. And I liked it when I was single. I always got chocolate (I swear all my posts relate back to food) and Valentine's Day presents, even if I bought them for myself. Because I'm worth it, dammit.

I'm aware I can come off sounding like a Pollyanna, being chipper and smiling all the time. I work hard at staying positive, because the world doesn't need my help coming up with bad news. (Like everyone, I have my down days, but I fight through them, either alone or with help.)

But Valentine's Day shouldn't be work for anyone.

Be your own Valentine. Instead of dreading it, make it good for you. It's a Wednesday this year, so most of us will be working. Fill the whole day with "you" stuff. Sharing your day with others is optional (although probably appreciated if you have a significant other.)
  1. Spritz on the expensive perfume.
  2. Wear the fancy underwear.
  3. Do you like chocolate? Get yourself some good stuff. You don't need the whole heart-shaped box (but if you want it, go ahead) At the very least you should get yourself a chocolate bar.
  4. Wine? Open that bottle. Use a crystal wine glass. You are worth the dirty dishes.
  5. Are you on a diet because you are working hard on your health? Pick up a fancy ingredient or two for your lunch salad or supper, or an exotic fruit for dessert. Eat dinner off your good china. 
  6. Light the fancy candle you've been saving.
  7. Let the pampering continue. Do you like bubble baths? Fill that tub. Relax in that steamy showers? Give yourself a pedicure. Heck, do the whole spa thing if you can afford it.
  8. Watch that movie. Do you want a romantic comedy to fill your heart? Or do you need to watch shit blow up because some people have it coming by proxy? You get to pick. Or, start looking for the perfect book to dive into. You have ten days--you can find something.
Some of us have kids. Tell them now that you expect a Valentine. Subtly is overrated. Put it out there. To S.O.'s too. If they fall down on the job, you have yourself covered, but the extra "I love you" never hurts.

Some of us don't have extra money to spend on ourselves. Take the time to acknowledge what you do have for yourself. You did that. You are doing awesome, and getting through every day is a huge accomplishment. Even if you can't celebrate all the ways you want to, you still deserve to know you are awesome.

Start getting ready now. You can have the Valentine's Day you deserve. And it should be amazing, because you are.

SCREEN IDOL is a sweet romance set in Hollywood on Valentine's Day. It's only 99 cents. Check it out.

Sydney Richardson should have trusted her instincts and locked the door when a Greek god appeared on her doorstep at sunrise. After months of work, she needs every second of the day to wrap up a two-part fundraiser for burn victims like herself and she can't afford to waste time with a TV hunk, no matter how good he looks in a toga. 

Chris Peck, worshipped by millions as Zeus on the hit drama Olympus, desperately wants to prove to the producers of a soon-to-be-cast romantic comedy that he doesn’t need fight scenes or special effects to make the jump to the big screen. Acting as the slave-for-a-day in the show’s fan appreciation contest was supposed to cement his everyman credibility but the winner wants nothing to do with him. 

Chris is captivated by the woman who refuses to fawn over his looks and fame, and he promises to put her fundraising efforts over the top if she’ll spend the day with him. However, just when he convinces Sydney they could have a chance together, the movie’s producers offer him an audition that would mean breaking his promise and leaving Sydney in the lurch. The king of the gods has until sunset to prove to his new off-screen love interest that Hollywood magic and reality can co-exist.

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