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Loving the Alien... By Ripley Proserpina

This summer, I was introduced to an amazing group of authors who had one thing in common they all wrote sci-fi and sci-fi romance. Now, I love science fiction and romance, but it was only in the last two or three years that I found books that combined the genres. Sci-fi is a bit intimidating. Not only are there literal worlds to create, but all those things we take for granted, measurements of distance and time, human biology, not to mention physics, are up for debate. 
Then these wonderful authors, these ones I'd come to admire, had a great idea. Let's write a universe together. 
And so the Valos of Sonhadra were born. I'm going to share with you the nine books, due for releasing FEBRUARY 15TH! The authors of the series were nice enough to share some very spicy excerpts with you! Enjoy! 

Valos of Sonhadra is a standalone series of nine-books. All nine books will be released on the same day, but don't need to be read in order!

Welcome to Sonhadra
A prison ship fell through a wormhole and crashed into an uninhabited world. 
Now it’s every woman for herself in a scramble to flee the wreckage. Can they survive on an alien planet, especially since it’s not as undiscovered as they originally thought? 

Poppy Rhys kicks off the series with Tempest.

They can’t break me.

I wasn’t prepared for what came after I got arrested and sent to prison. Finding my sister in that hellhole should’ve been easy.

I wasn’t prepared to survive an alien planet straight out of a prehistoric nightmare. Facing my fears to withstand the creatures that wanted to eat me, and the four alien men that watched me like a morsel they wanted to sink their teeth into…

I wasn’t prepared for any of it.

But I sure as hell wouldn’t let it break me.
Poppy's Amazon page is here!
Here's a sneak peek from Poppy!

I cuddled closer to my body pillow, one of those feel-good spasms running through my muscles and relaxing me further.
Mmmm,” my pillow groaned, and my lips spread into a sleepy grin.
I froze.
A pillow wouldn’t groan, or feel warm, or have a heartbeat that thundered in my ear.
I opened my eyes.
My immediate sight was a dusky, gray-blue chest, and matching arms caging me. I peeled my cheek away from the rippling muscle and blinked repeatedly, seconds ticking by as I tried to understand what was going on.


Amanda Milo is up next with Alluvial!
Someone’s using me as leverage against my family. I was your average citizen, innocent of any crime worth going to prison for, and yet here I am.
But this isn’t a regular prison ship.
They alter me. And when the ship crashes on an alien planet, some of my new abilities come in quite handy—it’s the side effects that aren’t entirely welcome.
Not by me, anyway. The tribe of aliens that have taken me captive?
They don’t seem to mind.

 Amanda's Amazon page is here!

And she's given us a tasty little teaser!

The guard’s collective, brilliant plan is to send a few unlucky persons—a.k.a cannon fodder—out into the alien landscape we’ve crashed into.
It’s dark, and creepy, but thanks to the ship, we’ve got some floodlights, which manage to provide exactly enough illumination into the forest to scare the bejeesus out of us.
A tree off to my right is dripping a slightly opaque substance off of it’s branches like a Saint Bernard slobbers.  A naked, wrinkled green beastie clings to the underside of a branch, gobbling up everything its little mouth can catch, and its stomach is expanding right before our very eyes.  It looks like it could almost pop—
It explodes.
We all throw ourselves down to the ground, with various exclamations of horror.
This is not Earth.
“Get your asses up!” comes the thoroughly unfriendly request.  “If you want to live, you best start walking when we tell you to walk and find out what won’t kill you.”
That’s right: we’re test dummies.  The guards aren’t going to risk dying from a poisonous berry, or eating explosive tree slime.  Total cowards!
Alright; I can’t blame them for that last one—I’m staying the hell away from that tree too.
“There is NO way I’m going in there!” an inmate shrieks.
I don’t normally agree with the prisoners, but right now, I’m so with her on this.  I am not going any deeper into this place.
She’s still screaming.  “You can’t make—”
The bullet kills her before the discharge from the handgun even registers as a sound.
I’ve always wanted to see the jungle.
These boys could teach classes on settling disputes.  I don’t speak only for myself when I say that watching this has instantly instilled an invigorating air of motivation.
“Look at that,” the guard drawls.  “When the others get their bitches here, we’ll have five in each group.  Doesn’t that work slick?”
Does he expect us to clap?
“You, the bony whore: get over here.”
Everyone looks at me.
When I don’t immediately move, he uses the gun to both direct me and remind me that my choices are follow or die.  Stiffly, I force myself to approach him.  And that’s how Drogan finds me; being given the choice between eating the berries the guard has shoved at me, or eating a bullet.
The berries are a little bitter.
“What the fuck, man!”  Drogan is shouting at this boss-guard.  “She’s on a special regimen!  She gets the Project-45’s; what the hell are you making her eat?”
The boss-guard dismisses this with simple but factual logic: “This one’s got nothing left to her.”  He follows this with a disturbing, distressing, somewhat erroneous plan: “If shit’s poisonous, she’ll be the first to get it through her system and drop, right?  We can use her to test out what food is safe to eat tonight.”
My job here is to eat food and live, or eat food and die, and until it hits my stomach and causes one of those two outcomes to either continue or end my reality, my work for the moment is on hold, thus the boss-guard doesn’t protest when Drogan drags me away.  Drogan is a man though, and he’s doing that man-thing where he glares down his opponent—even as we’re retreating—and if doesn’t quit, he’s going to get himself killed.
I hate to do it, but I try to break his side of the staredown.  “He was so thoughtful.  He even took my cuffs off first, see?”  He doesn’t look, but that’s okay, I keep talking.  “He didn’t even make me forage for the creepy berries—they were growing right next to where the ship crashed, totally unharmed!  I’m so lucky.”
“It’s not fucking funny!” Drogan snaps, but his eyes flicker down to me, worried, and it’s just enough of a concession that the boss-guard can walk away with his ego and pride fully intact.
I’m sorry, Drogan.
Drogan’s glare locks on the man’s back.
“Let it go,” I whisper.
I go unheard.  Or at least unheeded.
“Permission to retrieve the inmates’ Project Rations,” he calls out.  To me, he mutters under his breath, “Killing all the doctors may have been a bad call.”
“We didn’t kill all the doctors.  We didn’t kill all of the scientists either,” I quickly add, figuring what he’ll try to come back with.  I experience a rapid series of flashbacks.  Slowly, I shake my head.  “And No.  It wasn’t.”
He drags an impatient hand over his hair, but his voice sounds a little amused by my antics.  As he should.  They’re on his behalf, after all.  “All of your docs and scientists then—fucking hell woman, you fight with me like we’re friggin’ married.”
“You should be so lucky,” I tease.
When he looks down at me… he… is not teasing anymore.  “I should be.”

Wait… “What?”

Book 3 in the series, (and remember, these are all standalone! You don't have to read in order!!) is Nancy Cummings and Blazing

Lucie is a survivor. She survived a fire that took her family and she survived three hellish years in prison. She even survived being sucked through a wormhole and crashing into an alien planet. They called her lucky but it was more than luck.
All she wants is to go home. She wants her life back and nothing will stop her: not prison, not an alien planet and not three strangely hot aliens determined to claim her.
Sarsen, Ertale and Asche spent the last thousand years waiting for release from their bonds. When the little female bursts into their lives, she frees them from their unending servitude and ignites the fire in their heartstones. Now she thinks she can just leave them behind?
No. The trio will do whatever it takes to make Lucie understand that she belongs to them. She denies the heat in their eyes but she can’t deny the scorching fire in their kisses.

Nancy's amazon page is here:
Enjoy this excerpt from Blazing!
Seven days had passed since his Lucie fell from the stars. On the first day, the ak’rena tried to take her from him and his brothers. On the second, her human companion tried to take her from him. On the fourth, they burned the remains of her people. On the sixth day, a ferix pack tried and nearly succeeded in taking her.
Asche was done with being patient. Waiting for her to heal and waiting for her to adjust to life on Sonhadra was time wasted. Her life could end so easily.
His life could end now, too.
He saw the way she responded to Sarsen’s forceful demeanor, how the pulse jumped in her throat and the way her musk perfumed the air. He noted the way she curled into the safety of Ertale, calm and peaceful.
He wanted all those things and more. He wanted that moment shared only between them, the piece of herself that she did not share with her brothers, and he was tired of waiting.
She slept alone in a bed designed for multiple partners. Other than the night in the abandoned village, the valos triad had given her space and let her sleep alone. Even last night when she finally fell asleep hysterical and tear stained, Ertale let her be.

No more. No more wasted time.

Whirlwind is my book. And of course- it has a reverse harem twist- you know I love those. 

Aveline got what she deserved. An unlucky thief, she’s been caught and imprisoned on the Interstellar Penitentiary System station. For the rest of her natural life, she’ll be an unwilling subject in whatever experiments the psychopathetic Earth government scientists choose to use her for. 
But Aveline’s luck is about to change. 
When a wormhole opens near the space station, Aveline is sucked out of hell and into a world she never knew existed—Sonhadra. 
And she’s not alone. 
Locked away by a species known only as The Creators, the Ventos, a race of air elementals, have lived a half-life—alive but unaware of the passage of time, or who they are. 
Until Aveline arrives. 
The last four Ventos in Sonhandra, Aaddhar, Branesh, Ettan, and Thanasis, are awake now, and Aveline holds their hearts in her thieving little hands. Faced with a world utterly changed and unfamiliar, they decide to forge a new one. Together, they’ll create world of freedom and joy, and if the five of them are the only ones who enjoy it, that’s fine with the Ventos. 

But Aveline didn’t arrive alone. The person at the heart of her downfall, the one who pushed her onto the path that led to loss and pain, has fallen through the wormhole as well. And she threatens everything Aveline and her Ventos have created. Will they be strong enough to survive the threat they now face? Or will the Ventos be sent back into oblivion and Aveline into hell? 
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And here's something from me to you:) 
Emotions churning, he ran his fingers across her lips, spreading the wetness there. Her tongue swiped at her lips, and he nearly groaned aloud. What was she doing to him? Was she controlling him? One moment he was angry, the next settled, and now, something new moved inside him—yearning. Want. 
Aaddhar towered over Aveline. She was slight; it had taken hardly any effort to carry her to this strata. Confusing. When she spoke, or glared at him, he found himself thinking she was bigger than she truly was. 
But here, eyes gleaming with unshed liquid, he realized just how small she was. Not fragile, though. The scars on her body spoke to a toughness that wasn’t immediately evident. 
Aaddhar though, was looking deeper, and he saw it. 
“Lips,” he whispered, and Aveline’s eyes widened. 
What would her lips taste like? When his kind found the one they would tie themselves to, they became formless, their breath mixing, but Aveline couldn’t do that. 
Aaddhar felt a jolt, and imagined what it would be like to join with her while in this solid form. He had the ability, and had experimented with other Ventos, but he had never met his one. 
A surge of lust shot through his body, and from the way Aveline’s eyes widened, she could see it flash across his skin. He would be bright, each color the purest shade it could be. 
Dipping his head, Aaddhar pressed his mouth against Aveline’s. Her lips were soft, but clumsy. 
He liked that—liked the idea that maybe no one had ever done this to her before. He lost his form for a moment, dissipating into a stream of air and rushed around her body. He was warm, warmer than he’d been before, but she shivered. It vibrated the air around them, and aroused Aaddhar further. Her desire was tangible. Quickly, he reformed, focusing his energy on staying solid. 
His hand was bright red when he touched her neck, gently turning her head to expose her throat. There were the scars. An impulse came over him, and he didn’t deny it. He leaned over, trailing his lips along the scar, reveling in the way the skin would be smooth, and then ridged, before becoming smooth again.
Aveline sighed, and Aaddhar shifted again. He wanted to catch her sigh, wind it around his air so he could feel everything it contained. 
He knew, the instant his air touched hers, why joining in Ventos form was only for those who had found their one. 
Desire, arousal, uncertainty, all of it was contained in her breath. Without conscious thought, he reformed and kissed her again. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and groaned. She was warm, so warm here. Her tongue tangled with his, swirling and stroking. 
He needed to be closer, wanted to melt himself completely with her. Wrapping his arms around her body, he lifted her, carrying her until his knees knocked hollowly into the capsule he’d found earlier. 
Aveline wound her legs around his hips, crossing her ankles as if to keep her anchored to him. He could feel heat between her legs, and wanted more of it. 

Naomi Lucas writes book 5, Radiant

Yahiro never thought she would end up in prison. Let alone on a prison ship where escape was impossible. But none of that mattered anymore because while she was curled up in the corner of her cell, the lights went out.
And when they turned back on it was worse.
Ending up on a planet—one so different than Earth—greeted by the screams of those who were injured in the crash and the corpses of those who didn't make it, she sets off with the survivors in hopes of finding a way home.
What she finds instead are three golden aliens that won't let her out of their sight, a city on the back of a giant beast, and a ghost world that will never let her leave.

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Here's a teaser from Naomi:)

She turned away from him and stepped into the water, loving and hating the cool feel of it over her skin. Loving and hating it as much as her turmoiled emotions. Once she was crouched with her waist below the shallow middle, she tugged off her orange pants and clutched the material in her hands while she dared a look back at the alien.
His eyes bore into her and his wings were as stiff as two towers at his sides. “What does nudity mean in your world?” she asked, her belly rolling and her heart racing, her fingers playing at the bottom edge of her shirt.
“It has no meaning.”
“So this,” she indicated herself, “has no meaning?” Yahiro hoped.
“It does and it doesn’t.”
“I don’t understand?”
“I’ve never wanted to see what happens next so much as I do now.”

Shadowed is the sixth book in the series, and was written by Isabel Wroth. 

Deja thought she could fear nothing more than the daily treatments she received during her imprisonment on the Concord. The horrible experiments which rack her body with unimaginable, searing pain. But she discovers the true meaning of terror as she clings to life pod’s harness while plummeting toward the surface of an unknown planet.

Struggling to outrun the beasts hunting her, fighting to outrun the light, Deja hastens for the only cover she can find — between the feet of a giant stone statue. Only statues aren’t supposed to move, or wrap you in their arms and carry you off INTO SHADOW…

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She was weakening, her body processing the adrenaline too quickly as the pain became her everything. Every breath, every heartbeat, every thought.   
With tears in her eyes, Deja reached up and found handholds in the statue to pull herself up. Again, and again, another toe hold, another ledge to curl her fingers in, until she was clinging to the statue with her shoes curled into the ledge of its belt and her face resting against the chest plate.
The cut on her cheek oozed fresh blood, the hot slide of it down her face such a contrast to where it lay against the cool stone.
A flash of bright light made her jerk her head back, gasping to see the rock directly in front of her turning a vibrant glowing white. The smear of blood disappeared into the rock face, spreading out like it was filling an intricate web of previously empty veins and capillaries. It expanded across the chest for at least two of her own hand spans.
The statue moved.

The stone armor grated together as it came to life, an enormous hand catching her as she flung herself back with a scream.

Phew! Lots of books, right! Don't forget, the drop the SAME DAY! And they'll be available on KINDLE UNLIMITED! 

The 7th book is written by Tiffany Roberts. Undying
Orishok is the last of his kind — a valo shaped by the Creators to embody death. He’s stood vigil over his people for centuries, watching them fade away, one by one succumbing to the entropic energies they hold inside. With his slightest touch unwillingly bringing death to all living things, he has remained isolated in his people’s city, his heart as empty as the buildings around him…until a pale, slight female arrives and shakes the foundations of his world. 


Quinn Dalton lost everything when she was convicted of murder — her sister, her niece, her budding career — but it isn’t until she’s transferred to an interstellar penitentiary that she realizes her very life is no longer her own. Her existence aboard the Concord is a nightmare, broken only when the station is torn through a wormhole and crash lands on an alien world. After waking up alone and bloodied, but somehow unharmed, she seeks shelter in an abandoned city — where she discovers an ancient, wondrous mystery. Can she survive alongside a being whose touch means death? 

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Tiffany has given me an excerpt to share!

He stared down at her, unable to form words. Her chest was bare, and her breasts were almost near enough to brush against his abdomen; gone was her mah dustee. His skin tingled beneath her touch. “Quinn…”
She leaned closer, her eyes searching his. The tips of her hard nipples brushed his chest. There was no more holding it back; the fires of desire flooded him.
Quinn hooked a hand behind his neck and tugged him down so their faces were close.
“What about now?” she asked, and then pressed her mouth against his.
Her lips were softer, smoother, warmer than he ever imagined, shaping themselves to his as though they were one. Orishok had never experienced such a thing; he had no name for it, no way of knowing its meaning or its purpose. He knew only that it was a taste of paradise.
She wrapped her other arm around his neck, locking her hands together as she pressed her body against his. Quinn’s heat radiated into him, filled him, overwhelmed his senses. He slipped his arms around her and pulled her closer, lifting her off her feet. She encircled his waist with her legs and pulled her mouth away, only to tilt her head and bring their lips together at a different angle.
Surprise and excitement swept through him as her tongue slid over the seam of his mouth. He opened it to her readily, and it slipped between his lips.
They were mating with their mouths.
And he loved it.
He dropped his hands to the backs of her thighs and slid his palms up to grip the soft flesh of her rear. Her skirt had ridden up, eliminating the barrier between them; he squeezed her ass and drew her pelvis against his middle, relishing in the direct heat of her core.
Quinn moaned and pressed her knees against his sides. Lifting her head, she opened her eyes. They were dark and half-lidded, framed by thick lashes.
“Kiss me back, Orishok.”
Kiss. A simple word for something so complex, so powerful, but now he knew what to call it. He cupped the back of her head, slipping his fingers into her hair, and brought their lips together again.
Orishok kissed her with the same ferocity as she’d kissed him, and soon it wasn’t just a meeting of lips, but a duel of tongues and nipping teeth. His heartstone vibrated with the beat of her heart and burned with her heat. Had he blood, it would be ablaze; had he veins, they would run with liquid fire. He had never wanted anything so much as he wanted Quinn in that moment.
He was not a thing to her, not a weapon, not a tool, not a slave. He was a man. She tasted him like he was flesh and blood, desired him as though he’d never been changed. And Orishok yearned to make her his.
Only his loincloth separated them. It would be so simple to sweep it aside and enter her. So simple to connect their bodies and know the truth and depth of her heat.
Quinn broke the kiss and pressed her forehead against his. Her warm, ragged breath tickled his lips, but they were already cooled by the loss of hers.
“We should stop,” she whispered. “We should.” Her fingers brushed over the back of his head.
“Why?” He had never felt so alive.
She laughed. “I don’t really want to stop…”
“We do not have to stop,” he moved his hand to her chin and tilted her face up, “but we can move slowly. I want to know you, Quinn.” 
A slow smile spread over her lips. “Okay.”
Orishok walked toward the water, dropping his hand to her thigh. He moved his palm up, beneath her skirt, sliced the fabric open, and tossed it aside.

“You have no idea how sekzee that was.”

But wait! There's more! Book 8, Enduring, is written by Marina Simcoe.

They say crime doesn’t pay . . . but what if it’s done in the name of love? Being left behind by my boyfriend and getting arrested wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was becoming a test subject for a mad scientist, a crash landing in the prison spaceship, and then struggling to survive in a deadly alien jungle. 
I could have paid with my life, instead, I was given two incredible reasons to love again, and this time the thing I need to do is to hold on to them.
Love condemned me, now it’s the only thing left that can save everything I hold dear.
Simply enduring is no longer enough. 
I want to truly live.
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Marina has shared an excerpt. Lucky ducks! 

It wasn’t the cold that woke me up way before the sunrise this time. It was low grunts and heavy breathing. The realization of what the sounds and their rhythmic pattern meant shot through me like lightning, startling me wide awake.
Heat flushed my cheeks, and I squeezed my eyes tighter, wishing I were anywhere else but here—listening to my newly found friends having sex in the bed across from mine.
This left no doubts about the nature of their relationship.
Mortified, I lay quiet as a mouse for a while, hoping I could just ignore the noises and fall back asleep again. What other behavior would be appropriate in this case? With all her long lists of rules, Aunt Judie failed to mention anything like this.
I couldn’t ignore the sounds, however. They were like nothing I’d heard before. Deep, low rumbles mixed with rough, muffled moans of pleasure. I found myself following their pattern in my head, rising and falling waves of building passion.
One of the voices stopped for a moment then suddenly erupted into a long, loud groan. The sound was so deep and raw. It felt like it shook the whole mountain to the core.
Now I needed to know what could have caused a man to roar with abandon like that. I opened my eyes a little to see Vlunn on the other bed propped on one arm. He was on his side, facing the opposite wall. His head was thrown back, and I could see the profile of his upturned face. His eyes were closed tight and his teeth bared as another roar of rapture tore deep from inside of his chest.
Enthralled by the raw masculine power of his climax, I forgot all about any proper behavior and stared unabashedly at the rippling muscles of his wide back and tight buttocks. The sound he made echoed off the walls of the tunnel, eventually dying off in the distance as the waves of his pleasure subsided.
Vlunn dipped his head back down towards the bed then, and Rock’s raised knee came into my view from behind Vlunn’s shoulder. I heard another long groan as Rock’s head and chest rose from behind Vlunn’s hips.
Propped on an elbow, Rock wiped his lips with the back of his hand, and his multifaceted red eyes met mine, catching me completely off guard.
My first instinct was to duck back under the cover and pretend that none of it had ever happened, but his glowing gaze stopped me.
He breathed hard, in sync with the new movement of Vlunn’s head in front of his hips. His eyes commanded me to stay with him, making me part of his pleasure whether I wanted it or not. 
I forgot how to breathe. Feeling every shudder of his body in my very core, I pressed my legs together in a desperate attempt to alleviate the pressure rapidly building up between my thighs.
His chest rose with every heaving breath he took. His eyes slid over my face, slowly moving lower. My cheek, my lips, my collarbone . . . Sweet tingles spread along my skin wherever his heated gaze landed. It felt like it burned through the cover and caressed my naked body.
Frantic with the arousal that his glowing eyes ignited in me, I pressed my thighs even closer together and rocked my hips. A small, teasing quiver of pleasure rippled through my body.
It was so good. Unintentionally, I let a soft moan slip past my parted lips, and to Rock, it must have sounded louder than a shotgun because his eyes immediately grew wild. He bared his sharp teeth and growled at me like a savage predator. His body bent in an arch, hovering over Vlunn, as he thrust his hips forward in the rhythmic, powerful spasms of his climax.
Through the deep rumble of his growl reverberating through the tunnel, I almost felt his orgasm vibrate through my own body, excruciatingly tantalizing and making me crave more.

Unfrozen, by Regine Abel, is the frosting (get it?) on the Valos of Sonhadra cupcake.
When the penitentiary ship she's incarcerated in gets sucked into an anomaly, Lydia barely survives the crash onto an alien planet. Only the sadistic experiments performed on her by the prison's scientist allow her to survive this harsh and dangerous world. The future looks grim until she stumbles upon a magnificent city of ice and its most unusual inhabitant.

Kai is fascinated by the delicate stranger fallen from the stars with the power to bring his hibernating city back to life. She stirs emotions long forgotten by his frozen heartstone. Can she be the salvation of his people or will the trap set by the Creators bring about their collective doom?
Regine is on Amazon:

Let's end with a wicked cool scene from Unfrozen! (Oh, the word play!!)

“Someone’s flaring up,” Lydia whispered against my chest. “What were you thinking about?”
Her fingertips drew little circles on my heartstone. She kissed my nipple then lifted her head to look at me.
“You,” I said.
She raised an eyebrow. “Oh? What about me?”
Her fingers strayed to my other nipple and resumed their circular motion around it. I gnashed my teeth, swallowing the moan rising in my throat.
“Y… Your tunic… rode up in your sleep.”
She cast a glance at her exposed rear then looked back at me, her pale blue eyes darkening. 
“Does it bother you?” 
Her voice dropped into a husky whisper. My rod throbbed in response. I didn’t quite know how to respond. She frowned when I delayed to answer.
“Nudity doesn’t bother me or my people. It is natural.”
“But?” she persisted.
“Yours makes me feel things,” I said, eyeing her warily.
“Good things, I hope?” 
Her naked leg moved up over mine, her thigh brushing against my sack.
“Yes,” I said in a strangled voice. “But I know it offends your people.”
She chuckled and shook her head. “Nudity doesn’t offend my people. We just don’t like showing ourselves naked in public. But I don’t mind being naked in front of you.” 
My abdominal muscles contracted as her palm slid down my stomach to rest right below my navel. 
“Only you,” she whispered before stretching her neck to kiss my lips. 
Unable to resist any further, I slipped my hand down her back to grab the bare flesh of her rounded backside. 
So soft and warm…
Lydia climbed on top of me, her breasts brushing against my chest. The weight and warmth of her wrapped around me, scalding my insides with desire. She slipped her hands behind my head and nipped my bottom lip before sucking it into her mouth. I loved when she did that, or anything else that involved her touching me. 
“Someone is happy to see me,” she said, her breath caressing my lips.
Hips moving from side to side, she rubbed her groin on my erection. Heat spread further and a groan of pleasure rumbled in my chest. Grabbing her other bottom cheek with my left hand, I pressed her against me, hiding nothing of my desire. 
Lydia broke the kiss, her mouth trailing along my jawline to my ear. The warm wetness of her tongue traced its outline, fueling the fire within. I slipped one hand beneath her tunic, up the arched curve of her back. Searing heat met my palm. She was my sun; giving me life, lighting my heartstone, and melting the ice in my veins. 
She shivered, her skin erupting in those strange little bumps from the coolness of my touch. They tickled my palms as I ran my hands over the intriguing phenomenon. Pushing up and away from me, Lydia sat on her haunches, our sexes aligned. Eyes locked with mine, she grabbed the hem of the yellow tunic she had worn to bed last night, pulled it up and over her head. With a flick of her wrist, she tossed it to the floor. My gaze roamed over her, mesmerized by the warm brown color of her skin and the darker circle around her generous breasts. I had never seen any this big. Round and perky, their hard buds pointed at me, taunting me. 

And finally... for those of you who like videos, a trailer:)


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