Friday, November 3, 2017

Girls' Weekend by @elle_rush

There's nothing like a girls' weekend to make you feel both refreshed and exhausted at the same time. I did double-duty last week. It was a working girls' weekend. Three other romance writers (Zoe York, Sadie Haller, Susan Hayes) and I spent 4 nights in Whistler, BC on a writing retreat. And we actually wrote.

In between views of this:

And this:

And these (they're my attempts to be artistic.)

We weren't fooling around. It was all work, all the time, with only suppers off when we went down to the village. The television was only on for five minutes so we could catch the end of Game 2 of the World Series (it had been on in the restaurant and by then we were invested.)  There is something about accountability that makes goofing off in the presence of hard workers next to impossible. Of course, if one of them had been goofing off, I definitely would have followed suit, and I didn't want to be the one to throw everybody off their games.

Was I productive? Well, I wrote most of my Christmas novella that is coming out in December, learned a ton (always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you), and now have a plan for 2018 that includes, you guessed it, another girls' weekend.

Proactive is sexy.

Also, elderflower liquor and sparkling white wine is nectar of the gods.

See you in December with all things Christmas-y.


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