Thursday, August 25, 2016

Broken Silence by Jennifer Kacey

I was asked to write a book in the Black Hills Wolves multi author series by another one of our amazing divas, Rebecca Royce.
From the moment we discussed Paul and his heart ache I HAD to write his story. There are less than a handful of characters that have yanked at my heart strings as much as Paul did. I LOVED getting to help him find his forever with PG and find his rightful place in the pack. Thought I'd share an excerpt today because a couple days ago I received a very awesome fan email about how Paul's story touched her.

Can't begin to describe how awesome it is when someone takes the time to tell me when one of my stories changes them! I love writing so much. SO. MUCH.


More than a decade before, when Paul was nothing but a child, fate dealt him a hand he couldn’t win. Silenced him forever for speaking out against the former Alpha, stole his destiny, and robbed him of his place in the pack.

Presley Ginger, a tiny human female, couldn’t have been further from what he expected to walk into the bar and alter his future. But he couldn’t tell her anything about his wolf or his shift. Nothing. Bound by a direct order from the enforcer to keep her in the dark, his need for her would never see the light of day. Then the moon rose above him in the presence of his mate and changed everything.

For years, in the background is where he stayed, unable to find his voice. Until his rainbow-haired mate showed up in the Black Hills—with the answer in her hands.
 This is book #42 in the Black Hills Wolves series from Decadent Publishing!!

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Paul woke screaming.
Well. His version of screaming. A bit different with no tongue. He tried to strangle the noise in his throat by clenching his teeth together and it finally worked.
Breath rushed in and out of his lungs and he wiped at his face.
Wet with blood.
Panic gripped him as he fumbled for the light on his nightstand.
Several things hit the floor before he found the switch.
Wiping his face again his heart stopped as he looked at his hand.
His head hit the headboard as he relaxed.
It was only sweat. Thank God.
He counted to a hundred to try to calm his erratic pulse. And then did it again until he could breathe normally.
His future was Hail Mary’d that day. His life was thrown as hard as possible into the wind with who knew what on the other end.
He could have died. If he were human he probably would have.
Yet—he’d lived.
Some days he wondered if surviving was a good thing or a bad thing.
Things were better with Drew, the new Alpha—an immeasurable amount better. More than a decade after he was ostracized from the pack, Drew returned to take his rightful place at the head of it. Challenging his father, Drew killed Magnum in an Alpha challenge.
It was quick. Decisive.
The fact someone had been poisoning Magnum for some time played little into the outcome of the fight. Paul had his suspicions, but he said nothing—warned no one. Magnum’s death proved far quicker than Paul had wanted.
The man who mutilated him should have suffered. He didn’t like having those feelings but they were there. They were there for Magnum and for the five wolves who’d stolen his future.
They were all dead—every one of them. Taken out because they couldn’t be trusted. Killed because they decided their hate was worth fighting for.
They were wrong.
Sometimes Paul wouldn’t remember they were dead. Sometimes getting stuck in the past was as simple as slipping on an old coat full of holes. The illusion of warmth clung to his foggy brain but he was so cold. His faith in others? Fleeting, so he had a hard time putting his trust in anyone.
Or friendship.
Or love.
He shook his head and ran his fingers over his short blond hair making sure it was still cropped close to his skull.
Short. He always kept his hair short now.
Short enough no one could grab it.
Never again would it be used against him.
Staring at his hands in front of him, he measured their width. Their size was the same as the other Wolves in the pack, but his hands didn’t pull the same weight. He was damaged goods. Unable to speak to anyone, he looked at the nightstand to find his only method of communicating. Two things which hadn’t fallen were his notepad and pen he kept with him all the time. So he could write clipped messages to people when he had to communicate.
It got the job done, but the necessity left him even more disconnected. Relaxing his biceps, he let his hands fall to his lap then he closed his eyes, as he tried to focus past the nightmare.
The pack had hope again—stronger than ever thanks to the deaths. They’d found unity and faith in their Alpha. Hell, they even found faith in each other, in their pack, first decimated by a madman then wounded by another.
The members of the Black Hills Wolves were coming home. He was happy to be a part of the growth. Happy to help welcome them back. He’d stayed for so many years with the hope of witnessing the resurrection of their pack.
Not his.
Never his, because he was separate from them. Lesser. He’d never be Alpha. Sure as hell wasn’t a Dominant Wolf by any stretch of the word. Barely even a Beta with the females of the pack. He was relegated to being an Omega. A weakling. Yes they all told him he was needed. Wanted even. They told him Omegas made the pack stronger, they helped—but how? No, he didn’t see it.
He shook his head and rubbed it one more time.
The night was so silent all around him.
Where he always stayed. In the silence.
Most days it still felt as if he were free falling toward a black future with nothing to hold onto. Where he’d land, he didn’t know.
All he prayed for each night and every morning? To find when he landed—he wouldn’t be alone.

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.


  1. One of my very favorite Black Hills Wolves books. Paul's story moved me in unanticipated ways. You find the most amazing strength in those who have been forged in despair yet preservered.

  2. There are characters within the BHW seris, I can't wait to read, and wait impatiently for them to come out. Paul's was one of them and he was well worth the wait. Please tell me you're going to write more. Pleeaaaseee. LOL!! *hugs*

    1. THANK YOU!!
      Loved loved loved writing Paul He spoke to me in ways characters rarely do. Loved him being so tortured and still being so fierce. Definitely feeling the call of the pack to write more. NO idea when I'll find time to fit it in my schedule but I'm sure it will happen!!! MWAH!!