Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to School

As my kids go back to school, it reminds me of how decadent being home alone can be.

5. Something is different. What's that lack of noise? Oh yeah, it's silence!-
     I love having my kids home with me but they're really loud. I'd forgotten how nice the lack of noise sounds.

4. Is that ice cream in the freezer?
    I don't hide from my kids when I eat things like ice cream and candy bars. I'm not being a condescending parent, I'm just too lazy to hide. Plus, my kids tend to notice when I'm not out in public view so they look for me when I'm not right there. It's a lot like when they get quiet. So I tend to eat healthier when they're constantly under foot. I don't mind them eating ice cream and candy bars, but I prefer them eating peanut butter crackers and fruit. When they aren't here with me, however, I'm more likely to break out the junk food.

3. Grocery shopping without any requests.-
    All summer long my kids have been adding things to my grocery list. Let's face it, I'm lucky if I can remember all the necessities when I go shopping. All the extras have been really taxing my memory and my budget. With the kids back in school, there are no more extra requests!!

2. School lunches.-
    It's fun to make new and creative lunches for the kids during summer....for about the first two weeks. After three months of coming up with a lunch menu, it's extremely decadent to hand that responsibility over to the schools.

1. I can do anything I want!-
    After three months of catering to my kids summer schedule, I can do whatever I want during the day! I mean, most likely I'll be writing, working out, and walking our dogs. But I don't have to tell anybody what I'm doing every five minutes!!! I can just spend the day doing my stuff, which is very decadent.

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