Monday, August 1, 2016

Zeke's Meeting Cover Reveal and SURPRISE it comes out tomorrow!!! by Jennifer Kacey

I leave for Iceland and Scotland with miniman and my parents in three days! OMFG I'm so excited! And what better way to celebrate than to release the next installment of the Fantasies A-Z series!!!

Zeke's Meeting is a twist on the mile high club, cause.....IT"S SO DIRTY AND DELICIOUS!!! Hope you love the next fantasy between this incredibly kinky married couple!

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Zeke's Meeting is Book Six in the Fantasies A-Z Series
The mile-high club has never seen this kind of meeting.
To secure their Moroccan contract, Zeke and Aslan finally decide they have to invest in a private jet with a full-time pilot.
It was a sound business decision that they’d contemplated for years.
But who is to say they can’t mix a little bit of pleasure with their business? Or a lot of pleasure…
Zeke’s ready to collect on his next fantasy. His request is wrapped together into becoming a member of the mile-high club.
But he’s not looking for just a quickie in a cramped bathroom. More along the lines of an entire buffet spread out naked across their conference room table.
When Aslan learns they aren’t the only kinky couple on the plane, her idea of a business meeting takes on a whole new meaning.

This is the sixth short story in a serial release all featuring Aslan and Zeke. A married couple looking for more and finding it in the arms of each other. There will be nine stories total, with one being released every couple months. Short kinky stories meant to tantalize and excite you. May you fall in love with love and everything that word means to your fantasies…

Zeke's Meeting Excerpt

Excerpt -

Aslan’s eyes when Zeke told her she was his fetish?
Fuck, she did it for him.
Surprise and heat and emotion, all wrapped into a look of love he’d never forget. A moment in time, etched into his long-term memory before her head had even fully tilted to the side to stare at him.
“I’m your fetish?” Her quiet question spoke to every piece of him.
The husband, the friend, the lover, and most definitely the monster.
That part of him roared to the forefront as his cock throbbed inside her tight heat.
Her throaty groan fed him. Her gaze locked onto him and sustained some part of him he didn’t even know had been dying.
Moving inside her deliciously well-used sex made him want to howl. “You’re most definitely my fetish. I just see you and I need you. Smell you and I have to have you.” Closing his eyes, he concentrated on where he touched her, filled her.“Feel you?” He shook his head, trying to clear it. “I’m a goner.”
The way she watched him flipped a switch inside him labeled Mine. Possession nearly overwhelmed the rational side of his brain that knew he needed to unstrap her, let her rest. But he wasn’t done with her. Not ever.
He caught her gaze and held it as he pushed in deep to grind his cock inside her. “Nothing turns me on more than you. Nothing even comes close to making every rational thought in my head disappear. Nothing. Then you go and give me the keys to the candy store.” Looking down, he stared at the lips of her pussy as they slid along his shaft. “Let me tie you to our new medical chair. Let me fuck you. Repeatedly. Take my fourth hole.”
“Of course. I want what we have just as much as you do.”
His head seemed to move on its own as he shook it back and forth again. “Not ‘of course’. There aren’t many women who are brave enough to give up their power, their control. I know I fought you in the beginning, pushed you away.” He glanced up in time to see her wrinkle her nose before she could school her features again.
“I understood. Kind of,” she added on the end. She wrinkled her nose one more time and stretched her hands. “I’m glad you finally decided to give us a chance.” Glancing around their new playroom, she smiled. “It’s been incredible.”
“Incredible” didn’t even begin to describe it. He nodded, unable to find the words perfect enough to tell her what she meant to him. What everything around them meant to him. His cock throbbed inside her and he let that speak for him. His need for her, his desire. Slowly, he fucked her, getting harder on each stroke. The need to come inside her tight pussy wasn’t going to be held off for much longer.
Zeke reached up and released the closest strap to him, which wrapped across her stomach. The leather retracted back into the table. As did the next and the next, until her entire naked abdomen and torso were deliciously bare. “Now it’s just your legs and arms strapped down.” The lines on her stomach from the straps made his heart beat hard. The lines went all the way up to her throat. Even across her forehead. But those were fainter since he’d removed them when he’d fucked her throat. He touched the lines and fucked her deep.
“You wreck me,” she whispered, and ground her teeth together.
Glancing up, he stared at his wife. He took in every inch of the woman he loved more than life itself and wondered again how he’d gotten so lucky to have found her, kept her, married her. “No. It’s me who is wrecked. All the time.”
He sped up, just to see her cherry-red nipples get hard again. They had to be sore, due to how long he kept the clover clamps on them earlier. Bending forward, he swiped his tongue across one sensitive peak and then the other.
Her gasp added fuel to the still-burning fire inside his gut.
Air. That’s what she was to him.
Life itself.
Her last fantasy had been medical fetish. Something she hadn’t even known she’d asked for. But she had when she’d woken him up one night, having the sexiest wet dream. Her fingers had been buried in her pussy as she’d tried to ride them to get herself off.
Not on his watch, if he had anything to say about it.
She’d called him Dr. Zeke while still asleep, soaking the bed as she’d come with him deep inside her. The next morning, she’d all but forgotten about it.
But Zeke remembered.
So he’d started planning, researching, arranging, ordering, designing.
Took him weeks to convert one of their guest rooms into a play room. Piece by piece so he kept it a secret.
A play room fit for his monster and all the deliciously depraved things he wanted to do to his wife.
Things like this.
Strapping her to a custom-made chair, playing with all four of her holes to his heart’s content. Then fucking her afterward. Yes, he’d already watched his cum shoot inside her gaping pussy and ass while being held open with speculums.
It had been wicked dirty and a fantasy he’d been riding for weeks.
But nothing could replace the feeling of being buried deep inside her sex when he came. His cum, filling her bare, nothing separating them, possessing that part of her neither of them had shared with anyone else, was something he couldn’t describe.
He most certainly was.
“Penny for your thoughts,” Aslan breathed out.
Scrutinizing the large fetish furniture around the room, he growled.

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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