Sunday, August 28, 2016

Win your friend a tiara from Sabrina York!

Is there someone you love who deserves a tiara? Now you can win one for them...and one for yourself as well!

How to win.
1. Sign up for Sabrina's Newsletter here:

2. Tell Your friends. Ask them to mention your name in this section:

3. On September 30th I will choose a random winner from my list. If I choose YOUR friend and she mentioned you, you win too!

Other ways to win

1. Be one of my VIPS!
Newslettersubscribers who open all messages and click through links are identified by MailChimp as my VIP subscribers. I do occasional random giveaways from my VIP subscriber list

2. Join my street team!
I do random giveaways to VIP street team members too! You can join my street team here:

3. Join my Facebook chat group!
I do lots of giveaways in this group! You can join here. I also ask members for ideas for stories, character names, cover art and more. Join here:

4. Follow my contest page.
I always have something going on! You can check it out here:

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