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The Perfect Marine- Thallium's Submission

The Alpha submissive. An intriguing character indeed, and one I find fascinating.

Many assume the submissive male is always a doormat, a wimp, a weakling. A myth that can't be further from the truth (most of the time.) The Alpha submissive is a fierce warrior. A champion for his woman, putting her happiness and needs before all else. He will fight for her, defend her, and worship at her feet. A delicious cocktail of strength and supplication that makes me want to curl into this fine specimen's strong arms.

That was my vision for Thallium in the Elite Ghosts boxset. A deadly warrior who always gets the job done. He is a man that finds comfort in fulfilling orders. And in Athena, he has found a woman who's courage and honor he wishes to serve until the end of time. That is if he can keep her ex-husband and Red Wolf from killing her first. I loved writing their story, especially the wacky things Athena would think of to say to try to make Thallium laugh during sex. Cracked me up. But the best compliment I had was when I overheard my editor tell another author that I wrote a heroine that every woman over forty wishes she could be. Awesome!

Read, love, and enjoy!

Thallium's Submission

 From now on the only orders he will follow are hers.

Timothy “Thallium” LaStrange is the perfect Marine, and takes the phrase “live to serve” to an entirely new level as he carries out any order he is given. His mission: Protect the ex-wife of the president of one of the most notorious motorcycle clubs before she testifies to put her former husband away forever. When their location is compromised, Thallium is cut off from his team and must take the lead to keep his charge alive—a task that becomes increasingly difficult the more time he spends with the sexy, dynamic woman who makes him want to fall to his knees in worship.

Athena knew what she risked trying to put all of the ugliness in her life to an end. And now, that includes a young, battle-scarred Marine who is the only thing standing between her and death. Thallium’s strength and honor are too beautiful to put in harm’s way, and when he admits his need to submit to her every desire, she’ll do anything in her power to protect him.

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“Tell me about this group you work for,” she said, desperate for more information about this intriguing man.
     “I can’t. We don’t exist.”
     “You can’t tell me anything? Not one tiny little detail?”
      Cockiness slid into his grin. “We’re really good at hiding.”
     “That’s it.”
     “No, really.”
     Nothing. Not a word. Not a sound. Just a lift of his brow as he finished cleaning his plate.
     She blew a raspberry in his direction and stood. “You’re terrible.”
     Thallium stopped her as she reached for his plate. “I’ll get them.”
     “You cooked. I’ll clean.”
     “Athena, I’ll do it.” He jumped from his chair and blocked her way to the kitchen sink.
     “I’ve got it, Thall.”
     He latched onto the plate in her hand and pulled. “No. I’ve got it.”
     “Why are you fighting me on this? I can clean a few dishes. I’m not an invalid or weak.”
     “I don’t think you are w-weak. I’m here to provide for you.”
     “Doing dishes is providing for me? You don’t have to take care of me.”
     “I know—I’m not.” His eyes darted around the room as if the walls would give him the words to explain what was going on in his head. “I want, I need to…serve you.”
     Serve you. The hairs on her neck stood on end at the way he phrased those words. “I don’t know if I understand.”
     “I was, am, a good Marine. I follow orders. It makes me feel safe. I complete a task. I’ve done a good job. That’s my reward.”
     “So that’s what this is about? Your orders are to take care of me, so this is just part of your job?”
     “No—yes, no. My orders are to protect you.” His eyelids lowered with desire. “To serve you, that’s on me. I want to serve you in any capacity you will have of me.”
     “And by any capacity…”
     “Any capacity,” he said in a husky timbre that left no doubt to his meaning. “I am yours, Athena.”
     Excuse me, girlfriend. Why are you questioning this? Here is a hunky man wanting to fulfill your every desire. What is the problem?
     What was the problem? The problem was he was a hunky man she had known for less than twenty-four hours. And by the way he spoke, it sounded as if his wish went beyond just sex. A whole lot more.
     “Why do you want to serve me?”
     “I told you. You are an amazing woman. Strong. Brave. Gorgeous. Sexy. Is it so hard to imagine I’d want you?”
     “But why do you want to serve me? Because it sounds like what you want is for me to be in control.”
     His breath caught and a light flared in his eyes before he schooled his expression.
     Ahhh. Now it was all becoming clear.
     “Is that what you want, Thallium? Are you submissive and you want me to be your Domme?”
     As his breathing escalated and his gaze bounced around the room, she grew afraid he was going to hyperventilate. He swallowed hard and answered so softly, she almost didn’t hear it. “Yes.”

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