Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Playing Fair with Readers By Katherine Kingston

A year or so ago, I request rights back to nearly all of my books published at Ellora’s Cave. Most of the requests were granted. And now I’m in the process of getting ready to re-release them, starting with a series that was never marked as a series when they were with EC.  But they have overlapping characters, locations, and themes, so I’m putting them together as a series I’m calling Suburban Dominants.

Some of them are short stories, some are full length novels and a couple are novellas.  I’m re-editing them all, re-writing some (to make them more like the story I originally wanted to tell), and having new covers made.

What I’m struggling with right now, though, is how to be sure that readers know exactly what they’re getting.  I don’t want anyone to buy a copy and then be disappointed when they realize they’ve read it before.

I’ve kept the title the same, which I hope will let everyone know that this is basically the same story as the previously published version.  But I know that many readers do judge a book by its cover and this one looks pretty different from any of the several versions Ellora’s Cave put out. Also EC never put a series name on this group of stories.

The blurb I’m posting includes a notice that the story was previously published and it’s also in the front matter of the story itself, so it should come up when someone uses the “Look Inside” feature.

Is there anything else I can or should do to let readers know that this isn’t an entirely new story?

Julie is in love with Dave. She’s sure of that. But if he really is the man for her, why is her physical response to him so tepid? She’s afraid she’s frigid, and Dave deserves better than that. Dave’s best friend Nick guesses at a different answer and proposes a way to test out his theory.

When he joins them for an explosive beach weekend, Julie will learn some extraordinary things about herself. She’s never really understood her secret yearning to be mastered and dominated. Accepting that need and using it to build a relationship on that basis challenges her. Accepting that Nick is a part of the relationship with Dave adds another layer of complexity to an already complicated situation.

This short story (13K words) was originally released by Ellora’s Cave in 2005.  It has been re-edited for this release. Dominant Boys of Summer contains joyfully consensual spanking, domination, and menage.

Author Bio
Katherine Kingston is a multi-published, award-winning author of more than a dozen novels, novellas and short stories. She has a wild and crazy imagination that she sets free to rummage through the past, present, future and other worlds entirely. That imagination comes back with a lovely assortment of ideas for characters, plots, settings and events. The result is stories in many different settings, ranging from the medieval period to the far future to places that don’t actually exist except in her fantasies. They all include a sizzling hot romance, usually with kinky elements.

A former computer programmer and magazine editor, Katherine now works part time and spends the rest of her day writing. She lives in North Carolina with her husband of many years, and has three grown children and several grandchildren.

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