Friday, November 6, 2015

Anna's Adventure's in Fictionland

Happy Friday!

As you read this I will be having quite the interesting day.

First, I'll be helping out my youngest child at Junior Achievement Biztown, where school children get to act like adults for a day and open businesses, balance their personal finances, and attempt to make a city function. I think there are a lot of adults who could benefit from an simulation just like this themselves. ;)

Then I'll be heading across the bridge into Gig Harbor for the Write on the Harbor writers conference. This will be my first time attending a conference that is not romance-centric. And yes, I'm nervous.

Why? Because it's something different, and I'll be surrounded by people who'll probably look at me funny when I start talking about cocks. And I will be talking about naughty things, because I am teaching a workshop on how to write steamy sex scenes, so the word "cock" will probably be the cleanest thing I say. Just kidding. Mostly.

I will also be talking about the business of writing, be on a panel to discuss commercial fiction, and another on marketing. Yep, they will be keeping me very busy.

But with the nerves comes the excitement of meeting new people and spreading the word of the awesomeness of romance writers and the romance writing community. But most of all, I love proving stereotypes wrong.

So wish me luck, and I wish you all a fantastic weekend!

Until next time y'all,

Anna - The Super Diva

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