Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sneak Peek: Behind The Rending Series

Book 3 in The Rending series is releasing on Tuesday. I have to confess this world has been one of my favorite to craft. I've had quite a few questions from readers since the first two books released. So since as a reader I love understanding the world I'm reading about, I decided to address one of the questions about locations.

The Rending takes place in multiple locations, but so far two "cities" have been the focal point. Redemption is a trading post on the border lands of the Paraspecies lands. It's primary objective is to secure the lands behind it from trespassers while helping genetically Impure humans who've been ostracized by the human government. Redemption is in the hulled out remnants of what is currently Dallas, Texas. 

One of the focal point locations within Redemption is The Tower. It's a gutted skyscraper which serves as a secured location for the "flyers", or dragon shifters who lead the Paraspecies. I've had quite a few different questions about The Tower after book 2, where the heroine, Felicity, traversed the ruined interior to scent a potential threat lurking on the top level.

For those who were curious, here's a glimpse of one level as I saw it while writing....

What a mess, right? The wolf shifter pack controlling Redemption haven't made restoring the interior of the Tower a priority because it keeps the flyers safer when they're visiting. It's a symbolic reminder of what the Paraspecies have suffered and a beacon for those they help everyday.

The other location featured heavily in The Rending series is Salvation, the namesake of Tuesday's release. It too has a Tower. It's Command Central, the headquarters for the Paraspecies. Unlike the gutted Tower in Redemption, it's a gleaming promise of prosperity, a constant hope constructed under the guidance of King Bredon when a peace treaty was declared.

So there's a small glimpse into "the towers" of The Rending series. I'll share an exclusive excerpt from Salvation in a few days. :)

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