Thursday, August 6, 2015

Have you seen Ant-Man yet? No? Why the hell not?

Seriously? What are you waiting for?

The big question that had been asked prior to the release of Ant-Man was how was it going to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the-powers-that-be at MCU failed (in my opinion) to make the connection between worlds with every movie after the first Avengers, I wondered about that too.

My fears of disappointment were settled from the very first line of dialogue. “Stark!”

Turns out Michael Douglas's character, Dr. Hank Pym, worked for shield. Bam! Just like that, we are in the MCU. But the connections didn't stop there. With Ant-Man, the creators took those few seconds to show where the movie fits into the universe. And they did it simply and beautifully. I won't give away any spoilers. It’s more fun if you discover those gems on your own.

What I also loved about Ant-Man, besides the adorable Paul Rudd and his hysterical Guardians of the Galaxy-like crew members, were the fight scenes. I swear, it seems as if every superhero movie must destroy at least a good percentage of the planet. There are only so many scenes of mass destruction I can take. I don't know if the possibilities presented with having characters that are smaller to scale than the average human inspired the filmmakers, or if they just put forth that little bit of energy into providing something new, but we had awesome fight scenes that went beyond  the spectacle of exploding buildings. From a battle on a toy train to the inside of the briefcase (Yes, the inside of a briefcase!)  it was fantastic. And my eyes didn't grow tired by trying to separate shrapnel from story telling. J

But don’t take my word about the greatness of this move. Go see Ant-Man. And stay until after the credits roll. Yes, I screamed and my fists shot into the air victoriously. 

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