Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Deadlines, distractions, and staying sane

There are times that I overbook myself and push too hard to get things done. I always say that I won't do that again. Then I do it. I think it's hard wired in my brain to always be busy but as i get older, I'm finding I just need to slow down and enjoy what I do. After all I'm living my dream of being a full time author. So why am I stressing so much? Because I love what I do. Even when I'm under crazy deadlines while attending conferences.

My life doesn't stop because I'm living my dream. It continues on it's crazy, stressful path to drive me into a padded room. But hey as long as I have internet and a computer, I'm all for the nice quiet room in the psycho ward. Who's with me? Of course you'd have to get your own room because I'm not sharing mine. :P

What do you do when life gets crazy? Share some funny stories with me.


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