Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Leap to Male Male Love By J. J. Lore

I did it. I wrote a m/m story. Perhaps that sentence wouldn’t mean much to the average citizen, but to a writer it might speak volumes. It isn’t easy to move from one genre to another and there are all sorts of risks involved. Losing readers, unfamiliarity with the new ‘rules’, not being able to find the right network of support. Just as readers have favorite sorts of books to read, writers get comfortable writing a certain way.

It shouldn’t have been that big a jump, at least on paper. I’ve written menage books and had my male characters make love with each other, but there had always been that feminine presence in every story I’d written. Losing that point of view was something that worried me, which was exactly the reason why I knew I had to try. Could I create two compelling men who found each other irresistible, all without a woman in the room? Would I be able to write a sex scene without feminine body parts in the mix?

I got into the business of writing fiction as a challenge to myself, with no interest in publication or real history with the romance genre. I started out with pretty sweet scenarios, and with each subsequent story, pushed myself more with everything from plot to characterization, but also sex scenes. When I decided to try writing a menage, it was the biggest writing leap I’d made to that point, and in the end I found the experience exhilarating. It broke some new creative force  free and I gained a lot of confidence in what I could pull off, or thought I could. Writing a male/male story would push me even more. So in the spring of 2015 I got started with a couple of characters I wanted to give a happily ever after to. That’s my main approach to any romance I write. I aim to create people I care enough about to pound out thousands of their words, plus be willing to slog through rewrites, edits, and the terror of submitting in order to give them true love by the end.

As I fleshed out my sci-fi tale of Daran and Sagiv, two men from different, warring races, they came to exuberant life. Their conflicts and needs became far more important to me than any preoccupations about genitals or pronouns. Because that’s the way love works. The external stuff fades away when you’re with the right person and that’s the kind of story I want to write. They met under stressful circumstances, have misunderstandings and arguments, but came to trust each other and finally acknowledge the attraction between them all while rocketing through space, fighting prejudice, and having society tear them apart. A perfect love story, and one I hope I told well.

You’ll be able to read their story this fall when Dreamspinner Press releases Raider Captured. Be sure to follow my Facebook page, , for an announcement of the release date, and a cover reveal. 

Meanwhile, check out my current menage release:

Hanna Bregot is struggling to make a go of her ailing father’s cobbler shop, but the residents of her town regard a woman shoemaker as an oddity. At the end of the day, she can’t even summon the energy to repair her tattered slippers, let alone earn enough to feed herself or her cat. 

Elf companions Lear and Garrin like to mingle among humans, but always in disguise. When they notice a poor cobbler crying over her shoes one evening, they immediately decide to intervene and give her a gift in the hopes of lifting her spirits.

What starts out as simple kindness soon morphs into a sensual game the three want to play forever. But when the Queen of the Elves discovers their love, it becomes a matter of magic versus mundane in a life or death decision.

J. J. Lore bio
J. J. Lore needs three things; strong, black coffee, time to write, and…well…you can guess the third. When she isn’t inventing fantastical tales filled with passionate people, she’s shaking sriracha on whatever she’s eating or reading about the Justinian plague. For updates on her bestselling erotic romance releases, visit her at or follow on Twitter @JJLore1

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