Saturday, August 29, 2015

Favorite Foods....but not mine by Jennifer Kacey

Talking to my mini man last night we were discussing beans along with his love for the flatulence inducing legume. Then he busts out with "They're my 5th favorite food."

My response? - "Uhh...what are you talking about?" And of course I held up a fist and made him list them in order. Because how could anyone know that beans are their 5th favorite food??? How is this even possible??
True. Food and I don't get along real well but 5? Really?

OK. So this is what he said.
Him - "First. Carrot cake."
Me - "You're kidding me right?"
Him - "Carrot cake is awesome. Totally my favorite food. Your cream cheese frosting should be a food group."
Me - *puffs out chest* "Approved. Second?"
Him - "Pizza."
(I'm allergic to cheese so I made the yick face.) Me - "Third."
Him - "Ice cream."
Me - "Solid choice. Fourth."
Him - "Nutella."
Me -"OMG yes. You eat so much of that your chemical makeup is probably half nutella by now."
Him - "Mmmm.... Nutella."
Me - "And fifth?"
Him - *farts*
Me - Pauses. "Get out of my room."
He dissolved into a fit of giggles and you could just see him mentally patting himself on the back.

Food and I only get along infrequently but I just loved hearing my boy's enthusiasm when it came to the eats. He was so cute!

Was just one of those awesome mom moments. Except for the farting. Had to share!!

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