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Series: Love Them or Hate Them? Guest Post by Lynn LaFleur

I’ve written seven series so far, plus a collection of books that takes place in my fictional town of Lanville, Texas, and another collection that is set at fictional North Texas Highland Hospital. I have more series books planned for the future, and more books that will take place in Lanville and at the hospital. I love revisiting my characters, letting my readers know what those characters are doing ever since they received a happy ending in their own books. A series lets me do that.

My latest series—Anything Goes, about a sex club on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas—currently has four books in it. The idea for the first book—Anything Goes—literally popped into my head as I approached my birthday. I thought, what about a woman who’s recently gone through a divorce and wants to do something wild and crazy on her birthday? That idea turned into my heroine visiting Anything Goes, where she discovers the man she’s secretly cared about for years is one of the owners.

The 4th book—Luring Lisa—is about another of the club’s owners. Lisa meets Kade in the San Francisco airport, where they engage in some fast, steamy sex in a supply closet. They part, never expecting to see each other again. But if that happened, my book wouldn’t be a romance. And I promise, my books always have a happy ending.

So, do you love series or hate them? I’d love your opinion.


Find out more about these books, plus the other two books in the series—Panties Optional and Delicious Burn—on my website:

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An excerpt from Luring Lisa:

Lisa wondered if she’d lost her mind. She had no other explanation for agreeing to find an empty closet somewhere close by so she could have sex with a stranger. Even when she had sex at her club, she rarely chose someone she didn’t know. She usually stuck with an attendant or a long-time member.
Kade cupped her elbow in his palm. The simple touch of his hand sent desire coursing through her body. She couldn’t imagine how she would react when he kissed her.
Yes, she could. She’d melt into a puddle at his feet.
Since it had been a long time since she’d melted at a man’s feet, she looked forward to it.
“This way.”
He tugged her through a construction site not far from where they’d eaten breakfast. She hadn’t noticed it when she’d entered the coffee shop, but apparently Kade had. He led her around sawhorses and piles of lumber and tools she didn’t recognize until they reached a closed door that she assumed led to a supply closet. She grinned to herself at the cliché of having sex in a supply closet.
Complete darkness greeted her when she stepped inside. Kade had no sooner closed the door behind them than Lisa heard items hitting the floor. She found herself plastered against the door, then Kade cradled her face in his hands and kissed her. Except this couldn’t be called just a kiss. He coaxed, he teased, he worshipped. His lips moved over hers gently for a few moments before he deepened the kiss. His tongue swiped over her lips, asking for permission to go farther. Lisa gave it, parting her lips and meeting his tongue with her own.
He inhaled sharply. One hand continued to cradle her face while the other began a slow journey down her body. Lisa could only stand and accept whatever he did since she still held her cup of latte and jacket. Not that she objected to his touch. His hand swept down her side, her hip, her thigh, before making the return trip. He detoured, and covered her breast with his hand. A gentle squeeze made her moan.
“’Tis nice,” he whispered against her lips.
“Nice” didn’t begin to describe how perfect it felt for his hand to caress her breast. Lisa absorbed all the sensations, yet wanted to return them to Kade. She wished she’d had the chance to empty her hands before he’d kissed her.
 “I want to see you,” Kade said.
Turning on a light might draw attention to them. If the room even had a light. Lisa had no idea where they stood. “Use the flashlight on your cell phone.”
“Aye, good idea.”
She took a deep breath once Kade moved away from her. His kisses had left her lightheaded. That hadn’t happened in so long, she’d forgotten the incredible sensation of completely giving herself to a man, of letting him lead their lovemaking. Lisa had never been passive in bed, preferring to be the one in charge. She liked being on top, liked being in control of her own satisfaction. Being buried beneath a man didn’t let her touch herself, didn’t let her decide when she’d experience an orgasm, or how many she’d have.
Something about Kade smashed all her normal desires. She wanted to feel his weight on top of her. That hadn’t happened in a very long time.

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  1. I love series but serials? not so much. I don't care for cliffhangers unless I know the author's writing. To me books in a series can be read as stand alones but serials must be read in order.