Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Are You Ready to Play?

I'm expanding, serializing and rereleasing Weekend Games. Four best friends decide to set aside their inhibitions and jump start their lackluster sex lives by enlisting the help of a few of their former lovers for a role-playing weekend. And no. This isn't your Dungeons and Dragons style role-playing.

What starts out as fun and games soon turns into more than any of the four women expected when the men decide it's time to play for keeps.

All four parts to the serial will release 6/16. The first two are available for pre-order.

This is one my more erotic books. Translation--it's REAL erotic and definitely not meant for the faint hearted. So I know all of you will love it:)

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Weekend Games Vol 1
Weekend Games Vol 2

And....here's a peek into Volume One 

He’d set traps to snare her.

Charlotte bent over and rested her hands on her knees. Not even lungs full of the woods’ clean air aided her breathing. A bird cawed from its perch overhead, and she grimaced. It was almost dusk.

For four hours she had wandered around aimlessly. After two, she realized she had been going in circles. Her Boy Scout father would be ashamed. So far, she had discerned she was somewhere near Mt. Tamaulipas State Park, but she wasn’t sure whether she was in it or on private lands.

Her legs ached even though she had defied the rules and worn flats. Too many years hiking with her family had taught her not to even attempt heels in this terrain. Not when she was being chased.

She shivered.

He was watching.

The feeling refused to vacate her weary body. The cat-and-mouse game had officially begun.

He had let her become familiar with her surroundings, had allowed her defenses to wane under exhaustion. He was a hunter, and she was his prey.

A loud growl echoed through the dense redwood and Douglas firs. Her heart beat frantically as her mind tried to process the sound’s position. Was that a mountain lion? Her overactive imagination?

She laughed. One karate kick could probably throw him by surprise and give her a chance to flee. A carefully timed roundhouse should work. She intended to make him work.

No Korte goes down without a fight. No way. No how. Anticipation thrummed through her, ready to spring forward. She wanted him to catch her. The thought hadn’t kept her from doing her best to get out of the woods, but she didn’t expect to outrun him.

A shadow flashed in her peripheral vision, then disappeared behind the massive trees to her left.
Charlotte sprinted, unsure of where to go. Another growl pierced the air around her, the fear raging through her veins palpable in the biting air.

There wasn’t time to look back.

Footsteps thundered behind her. What if this wasn’t part of the game? What if it was some animal?

Her legs burned, her muscles ached. Reality demanded that the grueling, breakneck pace end soon. A heavy weight pressed between her shoulder blades, and she cried out as the earth raced toward her.
Something had pounced. Hot breath caressed her neck. Someone.

Please let it be Matias.

She fought, kicking wildly at anything in her way. A snarl stilled her flailing. Wait. Let him think he’s bested you.

Fingers threaded through her hair and pulled her head back as she was forcefully turned over. Her gaze focused on the creature that had hunted her down.

Charlotte couldn’t breathe. He looked wild like the wilderness, hungry. Dark brown tousled hair framed his chiseled face; curious green eyes met hers. He moved slightly, and she crab crawled backward.

Matias stood. Every fiber of her body ceased movement seeing his naked olive toned skin on full display.
A small band of material gathered around his waist tented above his cock. Moisture formed between her legs.

Don’t give in. Not this easily. You’re a Korte. That means you fight tooth and nail. Never give in.

Charlotte leaped into the air and honed her kick to the center of his massive core. Their groans intertwined. Never had kicking someone’s upper stomach made her leg ache so much.

She collapsed, a stab of pain at her right ankle. A scowl crossed his face, and she screamed as he pulled on her leg. Her ass dragged against the sod beneath her with the forceful tug on her left leg. Her twisted ankle throbbed.

“Let me go!”

Her screamed words were met with another scowl; his large hand ran up her exposed calve. Kneeling, he pulled her toward him. Tingles danced across her skin as he forced her injured leg up.


Charlotte inhaled, her gaze riveted on his slow movements as his fingers delicately ran around her sprained ankle. Concern flashed across his features, but then disappeared. She screamed and punched his torso as he wrapped her legs around his waist. Matias’s thighs glided against hers, his weight pressed her to the ground. The contact was almost unbearable. It made her want him even more. She hadn’t expected desire to strike down her will to outrun him so easily. Resistance had been her plan, but surrender was the only option in her mind.

Greedy hands squeezed her breasts and tore at her blouse. Charlotte bucked under him and hissed her outrage. Cool air brushed against her hardened nipples, the responding shiver slid down her entire body.
Awareness tingled up her thighs as her movements slid her skirt above her hips.

“What are you doing in my domain?”

“Please just let me go, and I’ll make my way out. I got lost.” That was certainly true enough. She had no idea where she was.

“I keep what I catch.”

Buy Links:

Weekend Games Vol 1
Weekend Games Vol 2

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