Saturday, May 9, 2015


I am a huge believer in gratitude. I thank my friends when they have me over, I thank my husband when he helps out around the house, and I thank my kiddos when they remember to do their homework without me nagging them. It's nice to feel as if your hard work is being noticed and appreciated. Even if it is just normal-every day-hard work.

Over the years, I've heard a lot of complaints about Mother's Day. Some people have said it's a greeting card holiday. Some say that say it's potentially hurtful to those who don't have kids, or to those who have lost their moms, or to even those who feel they had sub-par mothers growing up. I get that. I agree that we should be sensitive to other people's feelings. But, to me, the day is about being thankful.

My mother wasn't June Cleaver. She was a real person with real stresses and we were living through really difficult times. I always knew she loved me, though. And I never once doubted she was doing her best. And I am grateful for the sacrifices she made for me. I am grateful for the words of wisdom she's given me that have guided my life. I am grateful that she raised me with perspective. When I see the commercials for jewelry or greeting cards on the television, I know that's not what the day is about.

I hope when my kiddos are all grown up they know what the day is truly about as well. I don't want diamonds and, to be honest, I don't even care if they get me a card. What I really want is for them to know I love them and that, although things might have gotten bumpy here and there (because real life gets bumpy), that I always did my best.

Thank you, mom!  I love you.

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