Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It was a good idea at the time...

Every have the great idea for a project, a great new way to manage time, or just a idea that seems foolproof? Yeah, me too. Several times.

One of the recently. I need to learn to say no, but the muse pops in with, "that's a great idea and will be a lot of fun!" What I really need to do is tell my muse to shut the hell up and work on the projects we already have. But I love her ideas and so do my readers. Plus I'm having way too much fun creating new things. I love being busy and having enough things mapped out for the next year or so. Yes, I've started my 2016 writing schedule. Although my schedule is more of a list with dates.

Back to the great idea thing. A few months ago I got completely caught up with my deadlines and was actually working a head of schedule. Then the idea of writing a few shorter stories and fitting them in between my current releases so I'd have a release every two weeks. Yes, I know I'm crazy. Like I said, it was a good idea at the time.

I was fine until I got sick and the whole month of April fell apart on me. Now that it's a new month, which is almost over, I'm back on track and ready to tackle my ever growing writing schedule. Let the fun begin!

Have you ever had a great idea that turned out to no be so great?

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