Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Inside a paranormal author’s mind

It’s a wonderful, intriguing, and scary place to be. But I love it!

So what is it like? Well sometimes you feel like at outsider around non-writers, or just non-artistic people in general. I’m a little reserved when meeting new people, because I don’t think like others. My mind is always running. My muse is always searching for new plot ideas, watching others’ reaction, or she’s just plotting world destruction with the bad guys.

Around my friends and family, I’m more open and a little sarcastic. I’m able to speak freely without strange looks. Umm, that’s not true. They do give me strange looks, but they’re my friends, so I give them back. LOL.

The wonder part about being a writer is I get to create new worlds and characters, fall in love with them, share them with my readers, and get awesome feedback from them.

What’s intriguing? The mystery of not knowing when my characters will decide to change the outline on me. That’s always fun. I have to trust that they will get me back on the road.

Now the scary part. I have demons, magically beings, dragons, wolves, leopards, warlocks, and a bunch of evil-take-over-the-world people living inside my head. There is always a chance that someone will die. I’m never sure who it will be.

Thanks for coming by! Best wishes, Lia.

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