Saturday, January 17, 2015

Schedules, routines, and the chaos that effs it all up

You try to set a schedule and develop a routine to help stay with that schedule, but Chaos is lurking, waiting for you to get into the grove. Once you think everything is on track and you are finally making some kind of headway, BAM! Chaos, in the form of a loved one (aka grown kids in my house) comes along and destroys all hope of meeting that deadline.

What do you do? Killing real people isn't an option. I don't have the time to go to jail... Wait, could I have a laptop and free internet...?

Okay, okay. No going to jail. That means those grown kids of mine get to live another day.

Disclaimer: The above statements are my twisted sense of humor working and not actual plans to kill or harm anyone. Unless it's the nasty villains in one of my books series, then its fair game.

My numerous interruptions during what should be my "normal business hours" force me to work all the way up to bed time.For some reason the grown children in my house thinks I don't have anything important to do because I work at home. Yeah, I know.

Then there are the life things that no one can control. So what is there to do? Make it work. Learn to say NO. And stop catering to grown kids that should be getting jobs and finding a life. (Oh, sorry that last one was for me. LOL)

1. Make it work: I try to take weekends off from writing. I usually catch up on admin/office duties like balancing Quickbooks and checking on contest. That way I have time to spend with Hubby. But there are times when I need to set a few hours aside to make up word count for a book that was due to the editor a few days before. Plus like I said above, I work in the evening and many times work up to bedtime writing.

2. Learn to say NO: Say it with me NO. That's N...O. Doesn't that feel great? Now go to your kids and just say NO. They will look at you like you've lost your mind. That's okay. Mine do that to me all the time. My hubby told me once to shut my door and put a note on the it. I'm working on a quirky saying to put on it. In the mean time, I put my headphones on and turn up the music!

What are somethings you do to keep Chaos from crashing in on your routine or schedule making plans?

Have a Chaos free weekend!

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