Monday, January 26, 2015

Crafty, Crafty, I'm Sooooo not crafty.....

So, I've heard many times that having a hobby or something crafty to do with your hands is a great stress reliever. Now, I'm the first to admit the concept sounds soooo fun! I mean who wouldn't want to be able to delve into a ball of yarn and come up with something a human could actually use.

If it helps de-stress me, I'm all in. Put me in, Coach. Let's go!

The problem?

I suck with anything crafty. If it's found in a Hobby Lobby, there's a high likelihood that a) I suck at doing it and b) humanity is better of if I don't even try.

But I'm still determined. There must be something out there even I, the everly constant incompetent one with all things craft could do.

So I figured maybe someone could recommend something. That said, there's something you should probably know about moi before offering a suggestion.

I was banned from sharp objects in college. Yeah. It was ugly. I was an overnight cashier at an HEB. One of our requirements was to take a box cutter, whack off the top of the box of plastic boxes, shove it under the register and repeat until the 2 or 3 cases of them were gone. Lather, rinse, repeat. Yeah. So not adept at the whacking thing. Apparently my brain sees something sharp and immediately thing go really, really wrong. Quick. It took one night. One night to get the grocery manager, assistant grocery manager and unit manager to all agree I had zero business with a box cutter. It was taken from me in a ceremony of shame and solemn disbelief filled with copious looks I read easily. I can't believe she's that incompetent with a box cutter.

So barring anything sharp like needles and those whos it whatsits used in knitting, anyone have any crafty ideas for me to explore? I'll try anything once or twice.

Have a marvelous day everyone. :) Under A Wolf Moon is now available for pre-order!'s on sale for a limited time at $0.99!!!! Yay! I was thrilled to be a part of this wonderful paranormal wolf shifter anthology. My story in it, Hell's Playground, is the first in a new series titled The Rending.



  1. Hmm...nothing with sharp objects...
    How about something like this?

  2. Ooh very colorful!!! Looks like fun.

  3. Miniman and I made those for Christmas. And what about crochet? There's a hook. What could be safer than that?!?

  4. Ooh! I'd love to learn how to do those doilies I've seen. They're so gorgeous. I'm thinking crochet would be a viable choice because it's only one hook to keep track of rather than 2 needles. Another thing I considered that's a little less crafty maybe is scrap booking. Just because it involves paper and I love all things paper:)

  5. I love crocheting. LOVE IT!! Knitting can blow me. Seriously. I took to crochet years ago as if I'd been doing it my whole life. My grandmother tried to teach me to knit and it was the most foreign thing in the world. Hated it!!!
    I wondered about scrapbooking but wondered if paper could be a deadly weapon in your hands. Safety first!! :)

  6. That sounds so cool!! And, yeah, the fact I was a lefty made scissors dangerous in my formative years but I've got them down now:) maybe I will do crochet and scrapbooking:)

  7. Here's one for you -- macrame --
    It was popular in the 70s and maybe the 80s some. Doesn't involve anything sharp, like needles and such. Just a pair of scissors to cut the cords with.

  8. I'm fascinated with macrame!! Never tried it but it looks so cool! Especially the really bright colors!