Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Let the future write itself

One of my biggest challenges as a writer is to let the future write itself. What does that mean? Let the story tell me what the future is and stop worrying about every detail. I struggle with writing the middle of the story on if I don't know how it will all end. It's a control issue, I know that. Yet, I find it hard to just let go.

I've tried plotting out the story. Most the time that works but there are some stories that refuse to follow an outline. No matter how much I try to steer the story in the direction of the outline, it refuses to go there. So I'm learning to let the future write itself. let the characters tel me where they want to go and end up. After all, I could change things in edits, right?

A few things I'm working on is to ignore that inner voice that tells me to go back and fix stuff, to turn up the music and do word sprints, and to repeatedly remind myself this is only the first draft, it's supposed to be total crap. 

Authors, do you struggle with this? What do you do to get pass it?

Readers, are there projects or other things in your life that you struggle with because you can't control the outcome?

Have a great day!

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